Hollywood wants to turn John Wick woke and it’s just not working

Mar 5, 2024

Keanu Reeves revived his career and action blockbusters at the box office in 2014 with the John Wick franchise.

Americans ate up the violent, action-packed, four-film package that pitted one man against a sinister crime syndicate.

But Hollywood was not happy to have a man have all the glory and tried to turn it into a woke sequel, but by all reports, their efforts are failing.

Attack of the killer “patriarchy”

Elitist Hollywood executives just refuse to let Americans have anything nice.

Anytime the audience consensus on a series, movie, or franchise is overwhelmingly positive, just give it a little time, and the leftists who run Big Media will find a way to ruin it with woke propaganda.

It happened to Marvel, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones – and now it’s happening to John Wick.

The Keanu Reeves franchise included four hit movies and a spin-off series on Peacock.

With a loyal audience supporting the franchise, the studio executives believe now is the time to use John Wick to bring down the mythical “patriarchy.”

No one asked for a female John Wick

At the end of John Wick Chapter 4, it appears the franchise is moving on from Reeves’ iconic character to a new feminist direction.

Lionsgate’s plan was to move forward with actress Ana De Armas – of Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049 fame – in the lead role.

The spin-off was going to be a female-led action movie called Ballerina.

Audiences have seen this story before.

Madame Web, The Marvels, She-Hulk, Elizabeth Bank’s version of Charlie’s Angels, and the Daisy Ridley Star War movies.

The plot is always the same, perfect female characters showing men that “anything you can do, I can do better.”

However, it appears Ballerina may have taken a stumble.

Ballerina breaks a leg

The feminist version of John Wick was supposed to be released to theaters this summer.

But Bounding Into Comics is reporting the release date could be pushed back a year or more.

According to Bounding Into Comics, the delay is caused by an abundance of reshoots Lionsgate has ordered to save the movie.

The studio is bringing into action movie guru Chad Stahelski – who worked on all four John Wick movies – to consult with Ballerina director Len Wiseman.

One of the franchise’s lead actors, Ian McShane, said the move is being made to save the future of the franchise.

“It’s not reshoots, it’s new shoots,” McShane said in an appearance on BBC’s The One. “The new shooting for Ballerina. . . you know, it’s like, they’ve got to protect the franchise.”

It is very unusual to see a movie get delayed by a year just a few months before its scheduled release date.

According to Bounding Into Comics, the movie has some industry insiders thinking the project may never end up hitting theaters.

That’s what happens when studios make movies to check identity politics boxes instead of entertaining audiences.

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