If Dennis Quaid told Tucker Carlson one of these could wipe out 90% of the people on the planet

Jan 26, 2024

The universe is a scary place, and we often worry about forces we can do nothing about.

War is raging in multiple areas, economies are in turmoil, and the threat of another pandemic is looming.

But award-winning actor Dennis Quaid told Tucker Carlson this major event could kill off 90% of the population within a year.

Actor Dennis Quaid just gave former Fox host Tucker Carlson one of the most terrifying interviews ever.

Our entire grid is at risk

“Basically, there is a 100% probability that our sun, generating what they call a GMD, which is a solar storm, that hits hard, hits our Earth, and the magnetic field we have around the Earth, and can fry everything that is electric above the ground, including our entire grid,” Quaid explained to Carlson.

The accomplished actor and musician made the shocking comment while describing his upcoming documentary titled “Grid Down, Power Up.”

The documentary highlights what Quaid warns about, which is the inevitability of a massive solar storm impacting Earth in catastrophic ways.

This would be a devastating event similar to the one that occurred in 1859.

As Quaid points out, the 1859 GMD (geomagnetic disturbance) devastated the then-existing telegraph system.

He then asked Carlson to think about what a similar disaster would do in today’s electrically dependent society.

“Imagine what that would do now with a very large storm… it would take out not only the electricity but all of our infrastructure,” the actor stated.

He explained, “There wouldn’t be water in your tap. You couldn’t get gas for your car because the whole system is broken down.”

Bringing attention to the possible devastation to spur on action

Quaid said he hopes by bringing attention to the potential catastrophe of a massive scale GMD he can force politicians to take some needed action to harden the grid against such events.

Or to protect us from a possible terror attack on the grid.

“It’s something we don’t like to think about, but it’s… whether from the Sun or a bad actor, this is something that 100% chance it’s going to happen, and we are just nowhere no way prepared for it.”

But Quaid is not optimistic given both the challenges of dealing with multiple federal and regulatory agencies and the private ownership of power companies.

“President Trump actually signed an executive order to harden our grid to protect ourselves against an event like this happening. Obama tried to get that going as well, and it’s stuck in these Regulatory Agencies.”

And, Quaid says, if we don’t do something about it soon, we could be looking at a disaster of Biblical proportions.

“Everything that we rely upon would be gone. The food would melt in our refrigerators…” Quaid said, also warning Carlson that “within a year, 90% of the world’s population would be dead from starvation, disease, or killing themselves in total and utter social catastrophe.”

Dennis Quaid is sounding the alarms, but will anyone listen?

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