Ilhan Omar just made it clear where her loyalties really are, and it is not with America

Mar 7, 2024

The US will always have serious enemies that will never change.

But when the enemies are not only US citizens but also elected officials, things get dangerous.

Ilhan Omar just showed everyone where her loyalties are when she made this visit, which goes along with her dangerous voting record.

The Squad just stunned foreign policy experts with this ill-advised visit

From the moment that communist revolutionaries took control of Cuba in 1959, the Cuban government under the control of Fidel Castro declared the United States as one of their top enemies.

This intense rivalry almost resulted in a nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban missile crisis, and ever since, Cuba has assisted other American enemies such as Iran and North Korea, among others.

Millions of Cubans have fled Cuba ever since Castro took power, hoping to flee his oppressive and tyrannical regime.

Yet, many American leftists revere Fidel Castro and his warlord, Che Guevara, despite the atrocities they committed upon the Cuban people.

In an effort to show their support of the Cuban government, members of Congress Ilhan Omar, Pramila Jayapal, and others paid a visit to Cuba this week, in a move that has many foreign policy experts stunned.

According to Omar and her colleagues, this visit was intended to demonstrate their support for human rights in Cuba.

However, many Americans are not buying it, including Member of Congress Nicole Malliotakis, whose mother fled from Cuba to escape the oppressive Castro regime.

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Malliotakis said, “These are anti-American members of Congress, okay? They are communist sympathizers, and they go to Cuba, which is not only a state sponsor of terrorism, but they side with our adversaries.”

She added, “They are in bed with Iran, North Korea, communist China, Russia. They allow for them to operate spy bases 90 miles from our shores. They have harbored fugitives. They have harbored terrorists. And it’s unconscionable that these members of Congress would go there trying to appease the government of Cuba.”

She then called out the voting record of these Democrats, highlighting some votes that seem to contradict their claims of supporting the Cuban people.

Malliotakis told Fox News, “It’s a farce. It’s a farce because every single one of these members voted against the resolution standing with the Cuban people in 2021, when they were on the streets, fighting for their lives, fighting for freedom. The Socialist Squad and Jayapal, they all voted no to stand against the people and with the Cuban regime.”

The Squad’s latest visit to Cuba demonstrates where their loyalties lie

Ilhan Omar and her cronies’ visit to Cuba this week has sent a clear message to many Americans that they stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Cuban government.

As the so-called “Squad” fights for an untenable $20 an hour minimum wage, many Cubans are lucky to earn $20 a day.

This recent visit to Cuba shows that Ilhan Omar and many leftists in America have more loyalty for communist regimes like Cuba than they do to their own country.

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