It doesn’t look like it will be a Merry Christmas in “Wokeville.”

Dec 12, 2023

Many retailers live for the shopping season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Mega corporations spend millions of dollars encouraging Americans to buy from them.

But it doesn’t look like it will be a Merry Christmas in “Wokeville.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently sat down to talk with employees about his rough year at the helm of the mega mouse.

Ignoring the real cause of the problems

During his remarks, Iger said, “I knew there were myriad challenges that I would face.”

But what he didn’t talk about, and most certainly didn’t count on, was those “myriad challenges” being millions of still-angry Americans heading into the holidays.

After Disney’s management ran the once proud brand into the ground by fighting against a popular parental rights law last year, nothing seems to be working to try to right the ship.

Even the rehiring of Iger, who was previously at the helm during some of Disney’s best days, hasn’t brought back the magic for Americans.

Disney is facing a holiday season with crashing stock prices, multiple box office losers, and even less goodwill with the American people as Disney digs in on its woke efforts.

Stephen Soukup, who’s spent years analyzing Disney’s radical evolution from a family entertainment giant to just another woke corporate monolith, says that as long as Iger is in charge, the proper lessons won’t be learned by Disney.

But Soukup, the author of “The Dictatorship of Woke Capital,” was slightly encouraged by news that Disney is now at least admitting that it was on the wrong side of the culture war when it comes to their extreme LGBT advocacy.

In its annual report to the Security and Exchange Commission, Disney management admitted that they “face risks relating to misalignment with public and consumer tastes for entertainment, travel, and consumer products, which impact demand for our entertainment offerings and products and the profitability of any of our businesses.”

“What they’re saying,” Soukup said, “is that their values differed from what the values of their expected audience are — and that’s a big deal.”

“For a long time, Disney has professed to be the arbiter of values. And it turns out that the American public said, ‘No thanks. We’re not interested in allowing you to tell us what we should or should not believe. We’re not interested in having you inculcate our children in what they should believe, and we’re not going to spend our hard-earned money rewarding you for trying to do so.’”

But many experts still wonder if that admission will be enough to get Disney back to at least neutrality on an agenda that includes the open “queering” of children.

“It should be,” Soukup says. “I think Disney faces a couple of very serious problems in trying to recover from this ‘misalignment,’” he explained.

But, Soukup says, the big problem is the guy who serves as chief mouse, Iger himself.

Disney isn’t alone

The two-time CEO who was in charge during Disney’s woke transformation that began in 2005. “Disney is a political organization because of Bob Iger,” Soukup insisted.

But it’s not just Disney that’s ignoring shareholders and causing financial ruin.

Bud Light, Nike, Starbucks, Target, and several other companies intentionally prioritized politics over profits.

And it has cost them, and their shareholders, dearly.

“In order for any of these businesses that have been punished by the public over the last year for being political, in order for any of them to make any headway in winning back their customers, they first have to get it,” Soukup emphasized.

“It’s become clear, for example, that Target does not get it. That Target does not understand why its customers left it behind, why its customers got upset, why its customers started to boycott, and that they’re doubling down on the tactics that in fact alienated [people].”

While Target CEO Brian Cornell pretends to care, telling investors, “We are firmly focused on getting back to growth,” shelves of rainbow Santas and hiring a senior-level Pride Lead prove otherwise.

“It was bad enough when they decided to politicize and sexualize the month of June,” Soukup said, “… but now they’re doing very much the same to Christmas. Their Christmas displays are reportedly very aggressively sexualized and very aggressively politicized. And that is a demonstration of the fact that the management of Target doesn’t understand or is unwilling to accept the verdict delivered to it by the public.” Until they do, they’re “courting the wrath of both customers and shareholders,” he insisted.

“I think the public is exhausted with politics being everywhere and in everything. It’s not that Target is left-wing. It’s not that Bud Light embraced left-wing values. It’s not that Disney is liberal. They are,” Soukup said.

“… But that’s not the point. The point is that people are tired of having politics shoved down their throats at every possible occasion. They’re just exhausted with the whole thing, and it’s not something that’s going to go away as long as they keep doing this. This is something that the public is going to react to negatively.”

Americans are finally sending a message companies can’t afford to ignore.

“It used to be the case that nobody feared conservative consumers very much because conservative boycotts always failed. I don’t think that’s the case anymore.”

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