J.K. Rowling just went off on the trans movement and you don’t want to miss what she had to say

Mar 1, 2024

J.K. Rowling is a well-known liberal feminist who is also fighting against radical trans ideology.

This position has put her at odds with many woke activists but she refuses to back down despite protests and threats of boycotts.

But in this recent statement, J.K. Rowling unleashed on trans militants that you don’t want to miss.

In recent years, the mainstream Left has begun adopting some radical policy agendas that have ordinary Americans on both sides of the aisle scratching their heads.

Major companies and even governments have decided that trans-identifying men, or men that identify as women, should be allowed in female spaces everywhere.

These decisions have caused serious problems in the worlds of sports, medicine, and even prison.

As expected, these trans women who are biological males have begun dominating those female spaces, causing great concern for women who feel as though their rights are being trampled, and their safety threatened.

Athletes like Lia Thomas and Laurel Hubbard have dominated women’s sports, after failing to succeed against other men.

Mainstream health service providers have also been echoing claims that men can get pregnant in fear of the financial ramifications that they may face if they stick to real biology instead.

Worst of all, male prisoners have begun claiming that they identify as women in order to be transferred to women’s prison spaces, even if they have histories and records showing they are an existing threat to women.

In 2022, an unnamed female prisoner at Rikers Island Prison in New York City filed a report that she was sexually assaulted by a male inmate who gained access to the female housing areas by claiming that he identified as a trans woman.

The far-left has worked overtime in order to mask the story in hopes that they can continue pushing their radical agenda across all elements of American life.

J.K. Rowling has had enough of her party allowing this philosophy to continue, despite facing hard backlash from her own side of the aisle for speaking out against it.

“The trans activist outrage that ensues on here whenever I share my belief that jailed women shouldn’t be used as validation tools or emotional support props for trans-identified male sex offenders is as revealing as it’s predictable,” the author wrote on X.

Rowling’s post gained plenty of attention, particularly due to the debate over trans ideology finding itself at the center of the political conversation in today’s day and age.

“Rowling went on to say that the defense of such predators – trans-identifying males who demand to be housed in women’s prisons despite records that show them to be a danger to women – was a concerted effort to prevent the breakdown of the defenses offered when trans-identifying men demand access to other women’s spaces,” reported the Daily Wire.

Rowling’s case here made plenty of sense.

Her claim was that the radical Left refuses to acknowledge that if it turns out to be established that a man might identify as a woman in order to achieve some malicious ulterior motive, then all trans identities would become subject to scrutiny – something the Left cannot allow.

“If they admit that even a single man isn’t a woman because he says he is, the entire edifice of gender identity ideology crumbles,” Rowling continued.

Rowling noted the radical Left’s strategy for pursuing this dangerous agenda, pointing to the use of recycled slogans and buzz phrases to defend their ideology, which works to make the case that any critique of the radical ideology is ‘transphobic.’

The author made it clear that this broadstroking of the ideology is creating a very real and unnecessary danger for women, particularly to those who are locked up with these trans men.

“You are not kind. You are not righteous. Women have the basic human right not to suffer cruel and unusual punishment,” concluded Rowling.

It is time that the American people acknowledge this radical ideology for what it is – a dangerous and malicious agenda that does not benefit the whole of society.

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