Japan’s perverts are ruining cheerleading for everyone

Mar 28, 2024

The nation that produced the Samurai is sinking into the gutter.

Japan’s culture has historically been very polite and respectful, but that has changed in the last few years.

And a group of perverts has forced Japan’s cheerleaders to take extreme measures that is leaving many fans furious.

Japan used to be an honorable nation

At the turn of the 20th century, the average man in the world lived by a set of morals and held themselves in a very high regard.

But now we are a hundred years later and our society can’t even tell you what a man is.

The decline of man isn’t just a United States problem but a worldwide plague affecting nearly every culture.

You expect nations, like France, would be affected by this decay of man.

They were already on the downward trend of manhood at the turn of the century as they needed the United States to win two world wars for them.

But no one expected Japan’s masculine standard to collapse so quickly.

Back in World War II, people had to do everything they could to stop men from fighting to the death or from being a kamikaze plane.

The last Japanese soldier of World War II was so determined to continue fighting that he didn’t surrender to the allies until 1974.

And this is the culture that produced samurais who were some of the best warriors ever known to man.

Well two atomic bombs and nearly 80 years later, the dignity for men has collapsed into oblivion.

The society that once was known for is masculine dignity is now best known for coming up with Pokémon.

But it isn’t just cartoons and anime that shows the rapid decline of honor and real men in Japan.

Pants to stop the perverts

The decline of man is so bad in Japan that now the country has to put high school cheerleaders in shorts to keep pedophile guys from taking up-skirt pictures of the cheerleaders.

Japan’s annual spring baseball classic is one of the biggest events of the year for high schoolers on the island nation.

It is a chance for high school baseball players to show the professional teams what they have to offer.

But this year’s game is a bit different.

In the past, cheerleaders have been in the stands to rile up the crowd for their school’s team.

But over the past few years, Japan has been gripped with frustration as people have been taking pictures up cheerleaders’ skirts during the games and posting them online.

Well to combat this perverseness, many schools are now forcing their cheerleaders to wear shorts instead of skirts.

As a cheerleading captain for the Takasaki Municipal High School cheer team explained, “At first, I thought a skirt would be better, but when I actually wore [shorts] and started cheering, I felt a sense of unity as the outfits matched the baseball team uniforms. And they were easy to move about in. Now I can dance with peace of mind.”

Japan needs to get itself together.

A fall in the honor and integrity of guys is a disgrace to the island nation.

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