Jason Statham’s new movie, The Beekeeper, is an expose on the Deep State

Jan 18, 2024

Action star Jason Statham’s latest movie just hit theaters, and the Biden family and the World Economic Forum are hoping you won’t notice it.

While the movie is pure storytelling, it is an allegory that exposes some of the tricks the world’s self-appointed elites are using on you.

Statham’s The Beekeeper could be looked at as a fictional expose on the Deep State that will probably turn some people into rabid MAGA supporters.

Is this really a movie about bees and honey?

Jason Statham is one of the biggest action stars in the world.

His movies may not be critically acclaimed, but they’re often an enjoyable ride of escapism.

However, in theaters now, Statham’s new action-thriller, The Beekeeper, is more than chases and fight scenes – though those are in the movie too.

The Beekeeper actually uses an interesting concept to explore the possibility of an organized Deep State hurting hard-working Americans while at the same time protecting the well-connected elites.

But does the film take the threat of a coordinated Deep State seriously, or does it treat conservatives as nothing more than crazy conspiracy theorists?

Your Woke or Watch team reviews Statham’s The Beekeeper to find out.

The keeper protects the hive

In a powerful scene early in the film, The Beekeeper walks audiences through exactly how scammers take advantage of seniors who aren’t tech-savvy.

The scene also reintroduces the world to Phylicia Rashad of the Cosby Show fame.

Unfortunately for Rashad’s character, a shadowy group of crook schemers wipes her out of not only every cent she has but of more than $ 2 million from a charity she manages.

The scam sets off a chain of tragic events.

And those events send Statham’s character – a humble beekeeper with a dark past – on a course for retribution against the clandestine organization that ruined the life of the one woman he says ever took care of him.

While on the hunt, Statham – whose character doesn’t really need to be named here because he’s basically playing Jason Statham in the movie – finds the trail takes him far beyond a small group of scammers and all the way to the rich and powerful elites who prey on working people.

But is it woke?

Far from woke – without giving away spoilers – The Beekeeper plays off the premise that there is a government-backed Deep State providing cover for the world elites.

In fact, it’s likely Hunter Biden would find Hunger Game’s Josh Hutcherson’s portrayal of one character in the picture to be quite familiar.

And it’s Statham’s job to protect the hive of worker bees and eliminate wasps who prey on the most vulnerable.

In a nice moral message for kids watching, Statham’s character is a teetotaler, choosing instead to keep his body clean and his mind sharp.

The Beekeeper thankfully avoids woke tropes for action movies — like all the baddies being straight white males and having women easily beat up well-trained men twice their size.

Your Woke or Watch team rates The Beekeeper as not woke.

But is it worth watching?

The Beekeeper mixes some great action sequences and some humorous dialog with a thought-provoking topic.

And the message of “Don’t scam old people” should be one people on all political sides can agree on.

There are flaws in the movie.

Statham could drive his old Ford pickup through a couple of the plot holes.

And while Statham, Rashad, Jeromy Iron, and, in a small role, Minnie Driver, keep the audience’s disbelief suspended with their performances, some of the other actors in the movie feel like they phoned in their performances.

However, The Beekeeper is still a solid popcorn flick.

You’ll leave the theater tempted to start a “drain the swamp” chant.

MAGA Americans can live vicariously through Statham throughout the one-hour and 55-minute runtime.

However, don’t take that as a call to vigilantism — leave that to the fantasies of the movie.

And let the Left be the ones who confuse fantasy with reality.

As for The Beekeeper, it could turn into Statham’s next hit franchise — akin to The Transporter.

There are far more hives that need protecting — and more queen bees that need slaying.

If you’re a fan of Statham’s prior work or action thrillers in general, The Beekeeper is worth a watch.

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