Jewel made this surprising statement about her relationship with Kevin Costner

May 9, 2024

Keven Costner and folk singer Jewel have kept their relationship under wraps.

But the famously private musician finally spoke out about her life.

And Jewel made this surprising statement about her relationship with Kevin Costner.

Actor Kevin Costner went through a bitter divorce with his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner that was finalized in February.

But it didn’t take long for the Dances with Wolves star to rebound.

Last December, he was spotted in the British Virgin Islands embracing folk singer Jewel.

She was pictured sitting on Costner’s lap while he had his arms around her waist.

Jewel put on a tennis fundraiser for her Inspiring Children Foundation on billionaire Virgin founder Richard Branson’s Necker Island where they met.

“There was definitely something going on,” sources told TMZ at the time. “They were flirty, and when they were together, it was like they both just lit up.”

Jewel keeps it close to the vest on her romance with Kevin Costner

Jewel told PEOPLE magazine that she learned to keep her relationships private when she began dating actor Sean Penn in 1995 after she released her debut album Pieces of You.

“Even when I was dating Sean really early on, nobody knew I was dating him. I wouldn’t do a red carpet with him. I was just very prideful,” Jewel recalled. “I wasn’t famous and my album was flopping, like failing spectacularly. I remember going to the Venice Film Festival with him, and I could have done the red carpet and received a lot of media attention.”

She said that she didn’t want to ride Penn’s coattails to success.

“People would’ve said, ‘Who is this girl?’ and I could have plugged my album. But I’d rather be unknown the rest of my life than have that be the way the world was introduced to me,” Jewel said. “I don’t need fame that badly. I need to be fulfilled. I need to be happy. I need to be a songwriter. I wasn’t thirsty in that way.”

When she was asked about her relationship with Costner, she said that she was focused on her happiness.

“I found love, and I’m not talking about Kevin’s. I’m so happy, irrelevant of a man. It has nothing to do with being in a relationship or not being in one,” Jewel said.

“I’m just happy,” Jewel added.

Jewel is focusing on her latest art project

The singer opened a new interactive art exhibit, The Portal: An Art Experience by Jewel, at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

“I’m more inspired now than I’ve ever been in my life. The most since I was like 19 or 20 years old,” Jewel said.

Jewel quit her musical career to focus on being a mother when she married rodeo star Ty Murray.

“The divorce wasn’t easy. Choosing not to work for seven years wasn’t easy. Choosing to build something else other than music wasn’t easy. Insisting that I had to change and grow so I could be the most available mom, those were all things that I lived privately, and this was a way of honoring myself too,” Jewel explained.

For now, Jewel is keeping her relationship with Kevin Costner out of the Hollywood spotlight.

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