Joe Biden is hating the fact that everyone is watching Home Alone because of this one scene

Dec 20, 2023

In the more than 30-years since Home Alone was released to theaters, it’s become one of the most cherished Christmas classics. 

In fact, watching Kevin McCallister fend off the bad guys and save Christmas has become a Holiday tradition for many American families. 

But this one scene is making Joe Biden see red. 

“What the French call, ‘les incompetents’” 

Under President Joe Biden’s watch, everything is more expensive.

And that pocketbook pain is felt most during the Holidays.

The Biden Economy has produced the most expensive New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in American history. 

And the days between those seminal moments each year aren’t any better. 

The President calls it, Bidenomics – and he’s been campaigning around the country bragging about it, while American families struggle to make ends meet. 

And now, thanks to a beloved Christmas classic, American workers now have a concrete and relatable picture of just how much damage Biden has done to the economy. 

“Keep the change, ya filthy animal”

Macaulay Culkin turned the Home Alone character Kevin McCallister into one of the most well-known and beloved characters in modern pop-culture history. 

Almost everyone has done an impression of Kevin’s trademark scream from the iconic moment in the 1990 film when in an act of proving to himself that he’s the man of the house, the boy finds out the hard way what putting on aftershave feels like. 

But that remarkable roar is nothing compared to the shock young Kevin would experience once seeing what his grocery bill would look like in 2023 during the Biden Economy. 

In one scene, after learning his time alone at home won’t go well unless he quickly learns to be responsible, McCallister heads to his local grocer for some food and other household items. 

His shopping list includes, a half-gallon of milk, a half-gallon of Tropicana orange juice, Wonder Bread, a Stover’s TV dinner, Kraft mac and cheese, Quilted Northern toilet paper, Tide liquid laundry detergent, WrappIt cling wrap, Snuggle dryer sheets, and a pack of army men. 

After using his $1 off coupon, his total came to $19.83.

One would expect 33-years later, Kevin wouldn’t be able to fill his shopping cart with those same items and still get change back from a 20-dollar bill. 

However, Fox News recreated the shopping list, and with what it costs in 2023, Kevin may have no other choice but to turn to a life of crime with the Wet Bandits, alongside his rivals Harry and Marv. 

“Is this toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association?”

According to Fox News, Kevin’s shopping spree, in Chicago where the McCallisters lived, would cost $72.28.

That’s about 3.5-times more than what Kevin spent back in 1990. 

Many leftists rushed to Biden’s defense and recreated their own list and showed a less dramatic increase at the cash register. 

However, they were caught buying store brand items to artificially keep the total down. 

It may have just been for movie product placement, but Kevin went with name brands, so, too should anyone conducting this little experiment. 

But that didn’t stop the Biden apologists. 

“Of course, those items cost more than they did three-decades ago, that’s how the world has always worked.” 

But typical inflation, which ideally should be around 2.5% annually, doesn’t explain such a drastic price ballooning. 

In fact, Fox did this experiment last year and found McCallister’s grocery bill was only about $44. 

That means, in a single year’s time, the price for Kevin’s ten items went up more than $28. 

Typical inflation doesn’t explain that. 

And that’s before even diving into the McCallister’s getting 10 pizzeria pies – most including toppings, as the cheese pizza ran out quickly – for only $122.50. 

After looking at the menus of several Windy City pizza places, that order’s total would be at least double that amount now, and that’s before factoring in tax and tip. 

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