Joe Biden knew this national emergency was coming but decided not to do anything about it

Oct 9, 2023

The Biden administration seems hell-bent on the complete destruction of our Republic.

Biden is willing to put American lives at risk in order to achieve this goal.

And Joe Biden knew this national emergency was coming but decided not to do anything about it.

Internal Biden administration documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show the Department of Homeland Security was aware that a large population of illegals was preparing to cross the southern border months before a near-record number surged into the country.

No action taken

And those same documents show that Biden’s DHS appears to have taken no action to stop, or even slow down, the influx of illegals that has overwhelmed border towns, states, and local officials around the United States.

The documents show that Mexican immigration authorities began seeing a spike since May, a clear and undeniable indication that border crossings were going to rise.

It also showed that Federal agencies documented a significant build-up of illegals on the Mexican side of the border at the beginning of September.

The Biden White House is, of course, blaming Republicans, saying GOP Members of Congress are responsible because they have killed Biden’s proposals for mass amnesty.

But now things are so bad that Biden’s problems on the southern border have even put him at odds with Democrat officials.

Democrat leaders in cities like Chicago and New York have struggled to deal with tens of thousands of new arrivals to their sanctuary cities, forcing Democrat lawmakers to consider sharp budget cuts to pay for housing and other social services for the massive flood of illegals.

A record number of illegal encounters

The clear warning signs on the Mexican side of the southern border came even as U.S. immigration officials had recorded a record-high number of encounters with illegals in August.

Customs and Border Protection announced that nearly 232,000 migrants crossed the border in August alone, a record for the year and an almost 27% increase from July.

Unfortunately, there is almost no evidence pointing to an improvement in the situation.

And Democrat El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said his city is “at a breaking point.”

It is only going to get worse from here.

Right now, nearly 100,000 more illegals are traveling through Panama and Mexico with the hopes of crossing into the United States, according to Reuters.

In fact so many illegals have jumped on trains illegally that Union Pacific has temporarily ended all rail service in Mexico.

Biden’s new app a bust

Other than a brief slowdown in mid-May, illegal border crossings have continued to rise since the end of Title 42, the pandemic-era rule that allowed for the quick deportation of illegal aliens.

And while the Department of Homeland Security says only 1,450 migrants a month may apply remotely for asylum with Biden’s new CBP One app, the agency has not honored the limits.

“The CBP One app was supposed to alleviate the number of people living in Mexico waiting to apply for refugee status at the end of Title 42,” a senior DHS official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the Free Beacon.

“What’s happened is Mexico is dealing with more people coming into their country hoping to migrate to the United States, and the Biden administration can’t wait to bring in people fast enough.”

Over 8 million illegal aliens have crossed the southern border since Biden took office.

And worst of all, even with advanced knowledge of an illegal alien build-up on the Mexican side of the border, the Biden administration has done nothing to try and solve what Democrat Eagle Pass, Texas, Mayor Rolando Salinas calls a “crisis.”

Eagle Pass declared a state of emergency earlier this month after more than 5,000 illegals crossed over the border into the town.

Instead of acting, Biden has simply tried to blame Republicans for the very crisis he knowingly caused.

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