Joe Biden told one mind-blowing lie to grieving military families that landed him in hot water

Feb 12, 2024

Joe Biden has had a serious problem with telling the truth during his decades-long political career.

Lying comes as naturally to him as breathing, even in the most inappropriate situations.

And Joe Biden told one mind-blowing lie to grieving military families that landed him in hot water.

Three members of the Army reserve were tragically killed, and dozens more were wounded after a drone strike by Iranian-backed militants at a military outpost in Jordan near the border with Syria.

President Joe Biden took part in the most somber duty of the Commander-in-Chief.

He called the grieving family of Army Specialist Kennedy Sanders to offer them his condolences and tell her parents that she was receiving a posthumous promotion to Sergeant.

But Biden proceeded to tell a whopper of a lie to try and commiserate with Sanders’ grief-stricken parents.

“Oh wow, that is the best news I’ve heard today; thank you so much,” Oneida Oliver-Sanders said after being told of her daughter’s promotion.

“You don’t know how much that means to us.”

Sanders’ father began to break out in tears at the news.

“Oh, well, I tell you what, it means a lot to me,” Biden replied.

“My son spent a year in Iraq, that’s how I lost him,” Biden continued.

“1% of all these kids are the ones who take care of 99% of us.”

Joe Biden has constantly tried to imply that his late son, Beau Biden, died in Iraq as a result of his military service.

But in reality, Beau died in 2015 from a glioblastoma brain tumor while surrounded by his family in Maryland.

He served as a Judge Advocate General (JAG) with the Delaware National Guard and deployed to Iraq in 2008.

Biden has – without a shred of evidence – claimed that Beau’s tumor was caused by burn pits the military used to dispose of waste in Iraq that he was exposed to during his deployment.

He’s repeatedly told this lie over the years, including to other grieving military families.

In 2021, 13 American service members were killed by a suicide bomber at the Kabul Airport during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden told Gold Star mother Cheryl Rex that he sympathized with the loss of her son after the airport attack because of what happened to Beau.

“His words to me were, ‘My wife, Jill, and I know how you feel. We lost our son as well and brought him home in a flag-draped coffin,’” Rex told the New York Post.

“My heart started beating faster, and I started shaking, knowing that their son died from cancer and they were able to be by his side.”

No one is sure if Joe Biden actually believes his son died in Iraq or if he’s simply telling another infuriating lie.

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