Joe Biden was blindsided after Chris Cuomo turned on him for this shocking reason

Sep 29, 2023

Joe Biden thought that he had the media in his back pocket.

A disgusting decision was too much for one self-proclaimed “journalist.”

And Joe Biden was blindsided after Chris Cuomo turned on him for this shocking reason.

Biden stunned by his former ally

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo, the brother of disgraced former New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, is one the biggest hacks in American media.

During his time at the failing network, Cuomo cemented his reputation as a left-wing hack by continuously pushing the Biden regime and Democrats’ narrative regardless of the truth or the consequences of their actions.

Cuomo has now been relegated to lowly NewsNation after his firing from CNN.

He held a special edition of his show on location in East Palestine, Ohio, the site of a toxic train derailment that has contaminated the air and war in the town since February.

Cuomo slammed Biden for “literally flying over” the town instead of dealing with problems faced by residents in the aftermath of the derailment.

Biden refuses to lift a finger

Biden promised to visit the town in March but has prioritized multiple vacations – nearly 40% of his time in office has been spent on vacation to date – and other visits over meeting with the residents.

Air Force One flew over the vicinity of East Palestine while the President traveled to an event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in August.

He flew directly over the town once again without stopping when he traveled to Detroit to meet with striking United Auto Workers (UAW) members on the picket line this past week.

President Biden has repeatedly refused to sign an emergency declaration to help East Palestine residents rebuild after the tragedy.

“[Biden] should be offering reasons that he’s acting or that he’s not acting,” Cuomo said. “The President literally flew over this place on his way to Detroit. Not saying it was wrong to go to Detroit. I’m saying he could have come here. He chose not to go to San Francisco to raise money. I get the realities of politics. Believe me, I grew up in it.”

Speculation grew that Biden ignored East Palestine because the area voted rather overwhelmingly for former President Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

“But if you want people to know that you’re the President of everybody in this country, it shouldn’t matter if you think you’re gonna get their vote,” Cuomo continued. “What you should be getting is their trust.”

Cuomo said that the Democrat President visiting East Palestine would “send a message” that he cares about people more than politics.

Trump visited the town to bring bottled water and other disaster relief supplies, where he was met with an outpouring of support.

Ohio RINO Governor Mike DeWine is urging Biden to issue an emergency declaration that would unlock additional federal support for the town.

“The President had signed an executive order that directs certain resources, but he has an emergency declaration on his desk. The governor here, DeWine, still wants the emergency declaration,” Cuomo explained.

Joe Biden is leaving East Palestine, Ohio, out in the cold after the town suffered a horrific tragedy.

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