Joe Biden was spitting mad after Kamala Harris had an epic train wreck on national TV

Nov 3, 2023

Kamala Harris has become a real liability for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

It seems she can’t open her mouth without causing a major embarrassment.

That’s why Joe Biden was spitting mad after Kamala Harris had an epic train wreck on national TV.

Vice President and chief cackler Kamala Harris recently made an appearance on the CBS news show 60 Minutes.

She said what?

But unfortunately for Harris and the Democrats, her appearance did not go as planned.

In fact, her time on the CBS news magazine broadcast turned into a complete train wreck.

Harris spoke with 60 Minutes over the weekend about Joe Biden, his administration, and his chances for re-election in 2024.

During her interview, Harris felt she had to insist Joe Biden is “very much alive” despite the growing rumors about his poor health and ability to run for re-election.

“I’m not going to engage in that hypothetical because Joe Biden is very much alive,” confirmed the Vice President.

But despite feeling the need to report that Biden is still alive, Harris also said Biden is going to win re-election in 2024.

Fox News reported, “Vice President Harris guaranteed re-election for President Biden on Sunday during an interview on 60 Minutes after she was asked about why the President was neck and neck with Donald Trump.”

CBS’ Bill Whitaker asked the embattled Vice President why she and Biden ran very close with Donald Trump in the polls, especially in light of the former President’s ongoing legal troubles.

The choice will be made clear

“The Biden-Harris ticket is running neck and neck with Donald Trump. Why are you not 30 points ahead?” Whitaker asked Harris.

Harris responded by saying she was not a political pundit, even though she has been involved in politics on the local, state, and national levels for decades.

She said the choice would be clear when Americans cast their votes on Election Day next year.

Harris said in response, “Bill, we’re going to win. Let me just tell you that. We’re going to win. And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But we will win.”

“You say that with such conviction,” Whitaker replied to her, seemingly surprised.

“I have no doubt, but I also have no doubt it’s going to be a lot of work. And everyone’s going to have to participate. This is a democracy,” she continued.

Harris’ comments come at a time when even mainstream media pundits are questioning whether the current President is even going to be the one to face Trump in a 2024 Presidential rematch.

Trump is currently running away with the GOP nomination, according to every poll.

And Trump and Biden remained deadlocked in a tight race in the polls.

Perhaps most laughably, Harris blamed Biden’s problems on the media.

“She blames the disconnect, in part, on lack of media coverage. Still, the vice president herself is not very popular now; just 41% of adults told CBS News they approve of the job she’s doing – about the same for President Biden,” Whitaker said.

And that about sums up the trouble for the Democrats.

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