Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda is going to create this nightmare scenario

May 17, 2024

Joe Biden is trying to fundamentally transform the country with his electric vehicle revolution.

Now he’s put the country on the road to ruin because of one problem he never accounted for.

And Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda is going to create this nightmare scenario.

Electric semi-trucks are looming national crisis

President Joe Biden has made it a top priority to force every vehicle on the road to be electric.

Electric vehicles for personal transportation have gotten the lion’s share of the attention.

But electrifying the transportation industry is poised to wreak havoc on the country.

Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued stringent new tailpipe emissions standards for heavy-duty trucks to pave the way to a zero-emissions future.

A new study from transportation and logistics company Ryder found that electric semi-trucks would cause costs to skyrocket for companies and consumers.

The study warned that the cost of transitioning semi-truck fleets to electric could raise costs by up to 114%.

An electric semi costs three times as much compared to its diesel-powered counterpart. 

But that only includes the sticker price.

Trucking companies would have to foot the cost to build expensive charging stations.

Ryder’s study found that higher costs for trucking companies – the backbone of the country’s logistics system – would increase inflation by up to 1%.

The annual cost of operating an electric semi would be twice as much as a diesel truck.

Ryder executive vice president Karen Jones said the trucking companies can’t make the switch to electric until costs come down.

“There are specific applications where EV adoption makes sense today, but the use cases are still limited,” Jones said. “Yet we’re facing regulations aimed at accelerating broader EV adoption when the technology and infrastructure are still developing.”

“Until the gap in TCT [total cost to transport] for heavier duty vehicles is narrowed or closed, we cannot expect many companies to make the transition; and, if required to convert in today’s market, we face more supply chain disruptions, transportation cost increases, and additional inflationary pressure,” Jones added. 

Ryder estimated in California that the total cost to transport would increase by $315,000 yearly for an electric semi.

The network of charging stations doesn’t exist

Switching the trucking industry to electric would require building out a network of public charging stations for semis.

The Clean Freight Coalition, a trucking industry group, pegged the cost to take trucking electric at a staggering $1 trillion.

“Ryder’s analysis underscores the reasons EV adoption for commercial vehicles remains in its infancy. In addition to the limited support infrastructure and EV availability, the business case for converting to EV for most payload and mileage applications, is extremely challenging,” Ryder’s report stated.

And there’s no evidence that the electric grid could handle this mass transition.

An American Transportation Research Institute study found that the trucking industry moving to electric would consume 40% of the country’s electricity.

“Yet our aging grid can hardly meet current demands,” trucking executive Taki Darakos explained. “In California, where rolling blackouts and brownouts are not uncommon, utilities would need to generate an additional 57 percent beyond their current output to support an electric vehicle fleet.”

Joe Biden’s climate crusade is going to blow up the country’s logistics system.

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