Joe Biden’s hypocrisy continues to be on display as he schedules a high-dollar fundraiser after claiming his support for workers

Feb 5, 2024

Biden’s alleged support of working-class Americans is being questioned after the press got a hold of this invitation.

Some of America’s richest people are going to descend on Florida to give Biden millions for his re-election bid.

And now, “everyman Joe” keeps pretending to care about working-class Americans as he mingles with high-dollar elites behind the scenes.

Biden to attend elite fundraiser event

The President constantly tells voters that he supports hard-working blue-collar Americans and unions.

He’s even publicly supported striking unions like the auto workers while also rallying to raise taxes on the wealthy.

However, after securing a key union endorsement in January, Biden plans to travel to Florida to rub elbows with Miami elites.

Last year, he joined strikers on the picket line while the United Auto Workers held a massive strike against the “big three” automakers, including Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

The UAW decided to return the favor by endorsing Joe Biden’s 2024 presidential campaign.

But while the endorsement could help Biden gain new support in America’s rust belt, particularly in states like Michigan, it won’t do much in terms of raising money for the campaign.

So, the President has decided to look further south, specifically, the state of Florida.

The Biden Victory Fund sent an event invitation asking potential donors to the Biden Victory Fund to attend a January 30 reception with the President.

The event will be held in Miami, Florida, and admission starts at $3,300, while some tickets cost as much as $250,000 per person.

If a donor wants to be at the “Friend” level, they must contribute $6,600.

Donors who want the “Champion” designation must donate $25,000, and those who want to join the National Finance Committee must donate $50,000.

But that’s not all: Co-Host status requires a donation of $100,000, and Co-Chair status costs a whopping $250,000.

The event is being organized by Coral Gables-based attorney and Biden Victory Fund National Finance Chair Chris Korge.

According to an article published in Politico, an email that Korge sent to potential donors said the “excitement around this event has been amazing.”

He also wrote that he hoped the Miami event would be the largest fundraiser for a presidential candidate ever hosted in Florida.

Biden has Florida in his sights

The elite event aims to raise money for Joe Biden’s campaign, but it also raises questions about whether the President thinks he has a chance to win the state of Florida.

Florida has traditionally been a swing state until recently when it decidedly leaned Republican.

This will be Biden’s sixth visit to Florida as President, and his last visit was in September to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Ida.

During that visit, Governor Ron DeSantis opted out of a meeting with the President.

Biden lost to Trump in Florida in 2020, so this new event begs the question of whether he sees a path to victory this go-around.

Meanwhile, events like this only prove that Joe Biden isn’t really “for the working class.”

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