Joe Biden’s staffers were fed up after he committed this humiliating gaffe on the world stage

Feb 15, 2024

Many Democrats are no longer denying the fact that Joe Biden suffers from severe mental health problems.

Joe Biden’s alleged health concerns have accelerated so rapidly that many fear he cannot continue to serve as President effectively.

And Joe Biden’s staffers were fed up after he committed this humiliating gaffe on the world stage.

This latest Biden gaffe confirms what many Americans have been thinking for quite some time

Most political experts would agree that Joe Biden has earned a reputation for his gaffe-prone nature, more so than any other President in recent memory.

Nearly every public event or speaking engagement Joe Biden participates in results in either an unintelligible word salad, embarrassing misremembering, or just complete nonsense.

Joe Biden joined the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II, at the White House on Monday, where he welcomed him on an official state visit.

As the two delivered remarks from the White House, Joe Biden was seen awkwardly pacing about and looking lost and confused.

According to the New York Post, “a confused-looking President Biden paced back and forth behind King Abdullah II of Jordan Monday, apparently unsure of where to stand ahead of the royal’s remarks. As Abdullah prepared to deliver his speech, the President shuffled around behind him and the podium, gazing down at the floor as if looking for a mark indicating the proper place for him to stand.”

The report added that “Biden waffled between two spots before settling on what was initially his first choice, to Abdullah’s left and in front of the Jordanian flag. The President’s indecision appeared to throw off the king, who at one point looked over his left shoulder expecting to see Biden, who wasn’t there.”

This embarrassing show of confusion and weakness comes at a bad time.

As war rages on in the Middle East, diplomatic engagements with leaders like this are more important than ever.

Jordan wields enormous influence across the Middle East and shares a border with the West Bank, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iraq.

Many fear that these gaffes project weakness to leaders worldwide, especially those in the Middle East who have a prickly past with the United States and its allies in the region.

Joe Biden’s declining mental health has become a matter of national security

Not only does Joe Biden’s apparent mental health decline impact his ability to carry out even the most basic functions of the Presidency, but it also puts American lives at risk.

If Joe Biden cannot even put a coherent sentence together, many fear that he may be unable to make critical decisions.

With the 2024 election approaching, many Americans believe that Joe Biden needs to have what it takes to finish his term, much less another four years in office.

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