Joe Rogan surprised viewers with who he thinks will be on the Democrat ticket and it’s not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris

Feb 26, 2024

Most of the world expects another showdown between Trump and Biden this November.

But America’s biggest media personality isn’t buying it. 

Now Joe Rogan surprised viewers with who he thinks will be on the Democrat ticket and it’s not Joe Biden or Kamala Harris.

The rumor mill has been churning overtime with questions swirling around Biden’s mental acuity since before he took office. 

But now, with the release of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report labeling Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” those concerns have hit a fever pitch.

“Basically, you can’t prosecute this guy because he’s non compos mentis, but you can let him run for the President of the United States in November… so that’s the world that we’ve managed to get into,” remarked fellow podcast host Chris Williamson, echoing the sentiments of many skeptics.

Rogan, never one to shy away from controversy, jumped into the fray, suggesting, “I think they’re gonna get rid of him, I think they’re gonna move him out, they’re gonna force him to step down. That’s what I think.” 

His gaze then turned toward Newsom, hinting at a potential successor.

“If I had to guess, and it’s just speculation, I’d say they’re setting up Gavin Newsom for it,” Rogan boldly declared, setting the stage for a political bombshell.

But it’s not just Biden’s mental acuity under scrutiny; his financial dealings have also come under the microscope. 

Despite holding the “honorary” title of Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Biden raked in a cool $900,000 without teaching a single full semester’s course or conducting any research. 

Rogan quipped, “That’s like mafia stuff,” highlighting the eyebrow-raising nature of Biden’s lucrative side gig.

Adding fuel to the fire, Rogan pointed out UPenn’s recent financial windfall from CCP-linked sources, raising suspicions about Biden’s ties to foreign interests. 

“It’s like a mob job,” Rogan joked, painting a picture of clandestine deals and backroom negotiations reminiscent of organized crime tactics.

But perhaps the most damning evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline comes from his own performances. 

Rogan and his guest chuckled as they recounted Biden’s gaffes, cue cards, and frequent memory lapses. 

“He just can’t keep a thought in his head,” Rogan remarked, painting a picture of a president adrift in a sea of confusion.

Recalling Biden’s emergency press conference following the release of the Hur report, Williamson couldn’t help but describe it as “suboptimal,” a sentiment that drew laughter from Rogan and his audience.

As speculation mounts and Biden’s missteps continue to pile up, the possibility of a Democratic switcheroo gains traction. 

Could Newsom be the Democrats’ ultimate plan in 2024? 

Only time will tell, but one thing’s for certain: the political landscape is in for a wild ride as the Biden era hangs in the balance.

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