John Kennedy just showed that another Biden judicial nominee is absolutely unqualified

Nov 21, 2023

He’s got a way with words and is adept at colorfully communicating a message.

These qualities make Sen. Kennedy (R-LA) a unique threat to his political opponents.

Now, John Kennedy just exposed another Biden judicial nominee who lacks the basic knowledge to be a federal judge.

Since assuming that office, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy has made quite a name for himself.

He’s got an unending supply of quips and is quick on his feet

He has a remarkable knack for breaking down complex issues in a way that shows his quick wit and frequently destroys far-left arguments with humor.

When asked about National Football League players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest police misconduct, Kennedy said: “My attitude is if you hate cops just because they’re cops, then the next time you get in trouble, call a crackhead. That’s the way I feel about it.”

When asked by a reporter if he was scared of the National Rifle Association, he said, “I am not. I am petrified of giving the power to confiscate guns and ask questions later to public officials. … If you trust the government, you obviously failed history class. The Native Americans gave up their guns, too.”

Back in January, Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren of Spokane County Superior Court in Washington State was nominated by President Biden to serve on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington.

During the confirmation hearing, Kennedy instructed Bjelkengren, “Tell me what Article V of the Constitution does.”

In response, the judge said, “Article V is not coming to mind at the moment.”

Kennedy followed up with, “How about Article II?”

She wasn’t able to answer that either and as a result of her poor performance her nomination has become stalled in the Senate.

Given this history, it would make sense for those facing senate hearings to brush up before their questioning.

But alas, Kennedy stumped another of Biden’s picks this week.

Biden’s newest nominee should have been ready for what was to come

Joe Biden’s nominee for a district judgeship in Oklahoma, Sara Hill, is the first Native American woman to be nominated to serve as a federal judge in Oklahoma.

But she didn’t do her homework.

During her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Kennedy asked Hill to explain the difference between a “stay” order and an “injunction.”

She said, “A stay order would prohibit, um, sorry. An injunction would restrain the parties from taking action. A stay order … I’m not sure I can, actually can, can give you that.”

These are basic legal terms that someone in her position should have known.

An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do or cease doing a specific action.

A stay is an action taken by a court to stop a legal proceeding or the actions of a party.

Some lawyers called her showing “disqualifying.”

Ibrahim Reyes wrote on the social media platform X, “She may understand tribal legal issues better than most, but not knowing the difference between a stay (the case is paused pending X) and an injunction (a party to the lawsuit is ordered to do or say, or not do or say, X) is disqualifying for a federal judgeship.”

In the end, it’s just one more example of a left-wing administration assuming that identity politics should somehow trump basic competence, and suitable on Kennedy for showcasing it for all to see.

If Hill cannot succeed in getting confirmed, she’ll have no one but herself to blame.

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