Jon Lovitz humiliates Jimmy Kimmel and late-night television hosts with this epic rant

Nov 22, 2023

In years past, late-night comedians were an important part of America’s pop culture, often introducing the nation to new musicians and giving rising stars much-desired air time.

Those days are now long gone, with many late-night talk show hosts seeing their ratings plummet.

And comedy legend Jon Lovitz put Jimmy Kimmel in his place when he explained why the late-night shows are heading toward obscurity.

Late-night comedy has become a relic of the past thanks to these “woke” comedians

The truth is that very few people care about late-night comedy talk shows anymore.

Even if people still tune in, they often do not watch them as they air, given the astronomical rise of streaming and streaming services.

Another reason for the public’s lack of interest in late-night talk shows is the fact that many of them have become entirely “woke.”

In a recent interview with Fox News Digital, actor and comedian Jon Lovitz went scorched earth on contemporary late-night hosts, pointing at their far-left politics as the reason why people are not tuning in.

When asked to reflect on the current landscape of late-night talk show hosts, Lovitz said, “I know all those guys. And they’re very nice guys. Very talented. I know Seth. I know Stephen Colbert. I know Jimmy Kimmel. I think they’re funny, you know.”

He added, “But when they started doing the political stuff, like, so one-sided, it’s like- and that’s all it is, the whole thing, it’s just like, that’s not the shows that I used to go on. You know, it was ‘The Tonight Show’ and David Letterman.”

Jon Lovitz then said there is one late-night show host he can stomach, adding, “If I want the news, I’ll watch the news. I’m not watching those shows. They’re late-night entertainment, but it’s all political, except for Jimmy Fallon. And they keep getting mad at Jimmy. ‘Why don’t you go into politics?’ Because he’s doing a silly, like, escapism entertainment show.”

As Jon Lovitz points out, nearly every late-night talk show hosts these days pander to the radical left, often taking cheap jabs at Trump or easy laughs.

Regardless of your political leanings, experienced comedians like Jon Lovitz agree that this sort of “humor” is objectively not funny and completely ruins these once beloved television programs that millions of Americans used to tune into.

The future of late-night talk shows seems very dim at this point

The rise of streaming, combined with the radicalization of talk show hosts, means that the future of late-night talk shows are dim.

The truth is that Americans are sick and tired of unfunny talk show hosts like Jimmy Kimmel ranting about how racist he thinks they are.

Jon Lovitz and other experienced entertainers agree that alienating your base in such a way is not just for business but also for even worse comedy.

If late-night hosts keep pushing forward with their radical leftist agenda, then they will likely destroy the entire art of the late-night

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