Kellyanne Conway just dropped this devastating truth bomb about the Democrat Party

Dec 26, 2023

Kellyanne Conway had a lot to say about Democrats and their attempt to ban Donald Trump from running for president.

Many on the left or in the media did not want to hear it.

But Kellyanne Conway just dropped this devastating truth bomb about the Democrat Party.

Conway tore into Democrats being the real threat to democracy during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered” show.

Speaking to co-host Emily Compagno, Conway riffed on Ronald Reagan’s old line that Democrats think every day is April 15 to ridicule liberals as thinking every day is January 6 before firing up their electric vehicle to drive to the abortion clinic.

“I just think the Democrats wake up every morning, Emily, and they look at the calendar, the iPhone says January six, 2021, the date never changes. And then they get an electric vehicle and go get an abortion. I just described the Democratic Party in 7 seconds. That’s it. That’s what I see. But it’s always January six,” Conway stated.

Donald Trump was never charged with insurrection.

A jury never convicted Donald Trump of insurrection.

Yet four Democrats on a state court took it upon themselves to declare Trump an insurrectionist and kick him off the ballot.

Conway explained that the Democrat Party is an authoritarian mob that wants to end all debate in America.

Democrats support online censorship because they believe free speech is dangerous and that Democrats can’t win elections unless Big Tech only allows approved political views online.

Democrats support eliminating the right of Americans to vote for the presidential candidate of their choice.

Conway told viewers that when many Americans think of what a threat to democracy means, they settle on the fact that Democrats support restricting political speech and Democrat judges giving themselves veto power over which candidates can appear on the ballot.

“The Democrats think they own the issue of threats to democracy. They don’t own it. A lot of people are tired of being censored, and shadow-banned and put upon by the government and its ridiculous regulations and legislation and calling things like inflation reduction, abolition, no such thing. I think threats to democracy is going to increase a focal point for Republican and center-right independent voters,” Conway added.

If the Trump era has shown one thing, it is that the Democrats are the party of projection.

Democrats are guilty of everything they accuse Donald Trump of doing.

And in this case, it’s once again true, as Democrats are the party that threatens democracy.

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