Kelsey Grammer revealed one fact about Frasier that Democrats are going to hate

Jun 24, 2024

Frasier is one of the most beloved sitcom characters of all time.

There’s a surprising reason that the character is still funny after nearly 40 years. 

And Kelsey Grammer revealed one fact about Frasier that Democrats are going to hate. 

Veteran actor Kesley Grammer has been playing quirky psychiatrist Frasier Crane since the character debuted on the NBC sitcom, Cheers, in 1984.

The spinoff Fraiser ran for 11 seasons on NBC picking 37 Primetime Emmy Awards – a then-record for a scripted series.

Now Frasier is back for revival on Paramount+ where it was recently renewed for a second season.

Grammer’s character is still beloved after almost 40 years across several shows.

He told Variety that Fraiser Crane’s popularity has endured because his show avoided political jokes.

“We avoid political jokes, because honestly, they are so locked in a time warp,” Grammer stated. “Contemporary culture does not fuel any comedy that lasts. It’s only funny in that moment. And usually not so funny for half the people that are listening. I think it’s good advice to steer clear of that.”

Late-night talk shows are representative of the decline of comedy on TV.

They’ve become group therapy sessions for Democrats under hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert.

Forced, unfunny jokes about former President Donald Trump are used to reinforce the host’s and audience’s world views.

Grammer said that Frasier built its humor around family relationships.

Frasier has always been able to last because it’s about the things that are important: Relationships, love, brothers, fathers, wives, sisters. Some things are universally funny, and it’s usually character-situation-relationship. They’re the tent poles of all of our storytelling,” Grammer explained.

Frasier’s relationship with his dad, Martin, and his brother, Niles, were a big part of the original version of the show’s success.

Shows like Frasier, Seinfeld, and Friends are still popular in reruns and streaming services because they haven’t been infected with the woke, left-wing humor that’s inserted in comedy today.

Frasier revival uses the same successful formula as the original 

John Mahoney the actor who played Martin Crane passed away in 2018 and actor David Hyde Pierce who played Niles Crane declined to come back to the revival.

This time the focus is on Fraiser Crane’s relationship with his son after his character moved back to Boston from Seattle.

“The idea was to put him in a new world and discover he still had some of the same issues but had matured some,” Grammer said about the new show. “He was a little wiser, a little more mellow, successful in some ways that Frasier hadn’t been previously.”

Grammer is the only cast member from the original Frasier to return for the revival.

“We never actually wanted to do the same show,” Grammer stated. “I felt like that would be frozen in time and wouldn’t be relevant anymore. Boston opened up in my mind; Frasier didn’t finish in Boston, he left. So going back was important to close up some old wounds and maybe redefine himself a little.”

Frasier is a dying breed of comedies to come out of Hollywood that focuses on humor over a political message.

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