Kirk Cameron gave Gavin Newsom one message about California that left him fuming

Jul 11, 2024

California was the center of the universe for the entertainment industry for nearly a century.

But a major shift is underway as the Golden State continues its decline.

And Kirk Cameron gave Gavin Newsom one message about California that left him fuming.

Kirk Cameron moves his family from California to Tennessee 

Christian actor Kirk Cameron joined a growing list of movie stars like Mark Wahlberg and Matthew McConaughey to leave Los Angeles for a better life elsewhere.

He and his wife, Chelsea Noble, moved their family to Tennessee. 

The former Growing Pains star talked with Fox & Friends Weekend about leaving California.

“Certainly there’s concern about politics and crime and the economy, but I’m finding California refugees all over Tennessee and Texas and Florida — there’s been a flood of talent and creatives who have left California, frustrated that their values haven’t been reflected in the projects they’re working on,” Cameron explained.

Cameron joked on social media that California Governor Gavin Newsom had become the “U-Haul employee of the year.”

And he sees these refugees from California in his new state.

“It’s shocking how many Californians are here,” Cameron stated. “And when I see them in the grocery store, I tell them, ‘Don’t California our Tennessee.’”

Kirk Cameron trying to lead a spiritual comeback for America 

Cameron is releasing an adult nonfiction book, Born to Be Brave, in October that he hopes will be a “guidebook for America’s spiritual comeback.”

“Dark and evil forces have devastated American culture and the family of faith is feeling intimidated and fearful,” Cameron said. “Many even think nothing can be done about it.”

He said that Americans need to take action to get their country back.

“If we’re going to change the nation and the world, we need to move beyond paralyzed outrage and start acting with courage and confidence. God is always on the move — and we can keep up with Him because he has given us the ability to do so,” Cameron stated. “We were born to be brave.”

Cameron’s book contains real stories of courage by people who acted out of their love for others and their faith.

“I really want readers to feel equipped to overcome our opponents and start seeing culture as something we are called to create,” Cameron said.

He thought that society was already starting to undergo a transition.

“Certainly, if there’s such a thing as feeling the vibe of a time, then I and many people believe we’re seeing the stirrings of what could be a momentous spiritual upheaval,” Cameron said. “I sense a restlessness in the family of faith for more of the power of God, and I see a dissatisfaction among unbelievers with the unpalatable feast served up by secular humanism.”

Cameron has been hosting story hours with Christian books at libraries as a counter to drag queen story hours.

On August 24, he’s putting on a national See You at the Library 2024 event at libraries across the country to have Christian books read to kids.  

“It is not a surprise to anyone who loves God, who loves their children, and who loves America that our country and our children are under assault today,” Cameron told Fox News Digital.

Kirk Cameron dove headfirst into the culture wars to try to teach kids what’s important.

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