Kristi Noem just schooled Deion Sanders by giving him a lesson he will never forget

Nov 30, 2023

At the beginning of the college football season, Deion Sanders was the hottest property around.

But things have taken a turn for the worse for Prime Time.

And Kristi Noem just taught Deion Sanders a lesson he will never forget.

The grass isn’t always greener

During his playing days, “Neon” Deion Sanders was an all-pro, Super Bowl-winning two-sport athlete.

After a long stint as an analyst, Sanders brought his quarterback son with him to the historically black college, Jackson State.

The father and son Sanders crushed it at the small school.

With success came suitors as NCAA Division 1 schools seeking Sanders’ services.

“Primetime” left Mississippi for Colorado University, where he hoped to use the unique style that made him the talk of college football to lead the Buffaloes to the championship.

His son Shedeur followed his dad and transferred to Colorado as well.

However, it has yet to be a storybook ending for Sanderson.

His Buffalos are in last place in the PAC-12, and he’s already lost more games in Colorado than he did in three seasons combined at Jackson State.

At the beginning of the season, Shedeur was considered one of the favorites for the prestigious Heisman Trophy – now, he’s not even a mention in the conversation.

And it appears the harsh dose of reality that comes with no longer being a big fish in a small pond is starting to wear on Sanders – and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem has noticed.

Primetime is feeling the pressure

At a press conference following yet another loss for his team, Sanders was asked if his experience was living up to his expectations.

As you can see in the above video, that’s when the cracks in Sanders’ confidence began to show.

“My expectations are out of the darn park; you got to understand, c’mon man,” Sanders said. “What’s those little four heads that are in California? What do they call those? The people’s faces engraved?”

Sanders referenced a common discussion among sports fans, picking your “Mount Rushmore” – or the four best – in a given category.

The former cornerback great meant that his expectation for himself was to be one of the greatest gridiron coaches of all time.

However, as Gov. Noem could tell you, the biggest problem with that statement wasn’t his 1-8 conference record this season.

Kristi Noem has something to teach Deion

It appears Sanders knows much more about defensive formations than he does geography or patriotic landmarks.

Of course, those “little four heads” are located in South Dakota – not California, as the eight-time pro-bowler believed.

Sanders was instantly inserted as the butt of all the jokes surrounding collegiate football.

And South Dakota’s Republican Governor wouldn’t miss the opportunity to bring attention to her state – and maybe boost tourism in the process.

“If Deion Sanders needs to see Mount Rushmore, we’d love to show him,” Gov. Kristi Noem tweeted.

“Bring the whole Colorado University Buffalos football team — we have buffalo herds of our own just a short way away! Bring Ralphie, he’ll love Custer State Park.”

Ralphie is Ralphie the Buffalo, the mascot for Colorado University.

However, given Sanders’ natural zeal for the limelight, it wouldn’t be shocking if the coach took the potential next Vice President of the United States up on her offer.

A Trump/Noem ticket in 2024?

Before the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary began earnestly, political experts tapped Noem as one of the top potential candidates.

Noem declined to throw her hat in the ring, saying that there was no path to victory to defeat former President Donald Trump in the primary.

She has been supportive of both Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

She’s governed with very conservative policies – and the one time she made a wrong move, she owned up to her mistake, apologized, and began working to correct it.

Noem was strong on COVID and has been taking the fight to China.

She’s also been an attack dog against the Biden Administration.

The 51-year-old female is a good speaker, relates to voters, and has a solid record.

Those attributes and resume points could make her an attractive option for Trump — or whoever comes out of the GOP primary as the 2024 Republican nominee for the White House — to add to the ticker.

In the meantime, Noem has a geography and history lesson waiting for coach Deion Sanders.

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