Leftists want to cancel this show before they even see it. But Dave Chappelle isn’t backing down

Jan 8, 2024

The woke, radical Left is killing comedy.

Thankfully, a handful of comedians are turning the Thought Police into punchlines.

And now Dave Chappelle accomplished the feat of triggering the cancel culture mob before they even watched his new Netflix stand-up special.

Dave Chappelle flips social justice warriors a big bird

24 years ago, Dave Chappelle filmed his first hour-long stand-up comedy special, Killing Them Softly, in Washington, D.C.

The special has gone down as one of the most acclaimed in history and launched Chappelle to incredible heights in the world of comedy.

The comedic legend is back in D.C. for his most recent Netflix special, The Dreamer.

The special is just under an hour long and keeps the audience in stitches throughout.

Not one to shy away from controversy or cave to those telling him what not to say – Chappelle leads right off with a joke about trans people.

And it was hilarious.

There are a few more littered throughout the show.

A sure way to tell who has power in society is to learn who is off-limits to criticism and punchlines.

In 2024 America, that’s the Queer Community – and in particular, the gender-confused.

And that’s exactly why Chappelle continues speaking jokes to power.

Far from a one-trick pony and itching to send the Thought Police into a full-on meltdown – Chappelle also jokes about handicapped people in The Dreamer.

However, the outrage over his special has only glanced over his handicapped jokes.

Perhaps that’s because those jokes targeted former Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn – a loud and proud supporter of former President Donald Trump.

You see, exceptions can be made to the “no-go zone” rules if the joke is about a conservative.

Instead, all the outrage – and there’s been a lot – has been focused on a few trans jokes Chappelle told on stage.

Let the outrage and cancellations begin

Perhaps the most predictable people on Earth, the cancel culture mob had their torches lit, and their pitchforks sharpened before Netflix even made the special available.

The corporate-controlled Left had their templates ready to go, simply needing to hit publish once the time was right.

Google Chapelle’s special and the headline of virtually every Big Media’s establishment outlet’s article is about Chappelle telling trans jokes.

“Dave Chappelle’s Obsession with Mocking Trans People Continues in New Netflix Special,” Variety’s headline reads.

“Dave Chappelle can’t stop punching down. And that’s not the worst part,” MSNBC wrote in its headline.

Newsweek went as far as counting how many minutes in the special were devoted to trans jokes.

For the record, the answer – according to Newsweek, though some of the trans jokes included other jokes mixed in, so it’s uncertain how they calculated the total time – is twelve minutes.

Out of 56 minutes.

While the Left can’t take a joke and want people who think they’re trapped in the wrong body to be protected from any possible offense – the Right seems to take Chappelle’s jabs in stride.

At the end of the special, the video revealed Cawthorn, in his wheelchair, reacting to Chappelle’s bit about him.

Spoiler alert – the former Representative from North Carolina almost fell out of his chair in laughter.

The verdict is in . . .

Chappelle’s The Dreamer is nearly an hour of hilarity, living up to the comic’s longlist of hysterical specials.

It’s available to stream any time on Netflix.

Not only is The Dreamer funny – but it’s anti-woke.

In fact, it’s a celebration of free speech.

Sure, Chappelle’s take on some topics will have some conservatives clutching at their pears.

And no, it’s not suitable for your children’s consumption.

But it’s not woke and worth a watch.

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