Levar Burton threatens Moms for Liberty with physical violence

Nov 21, 2023

Levar Burton has been an iconic American actor since his breakout role on Roots, but he became a fixture in many families as the host of the PBS kids show Reading Rainbow.

And like many of the Hollywood elites, he has always been in the pocket of the radical Left establishment.

But he abused his fame to threaten Moms for Liberty with physical violence, and they are responding to this threat in a very classy way.

Reading Rainbow still works to “meet the needs of kids today”

A whole generation of Americans remembers watching Levar Burton in the television series Reading Rainbow as a child.

The show was prolific in American classrooms from 1983 until 2009.

The show featured Burton reading books to kids, and it prides itself as “the most watched PBS program in the classroom.”

According to their website, the show “garnered more than 250 awards . . . [including] a total of 26 Emmy Awards.”

Reading Rainbow still lives on to this day with their YouTube channel that features full-length episodes dating back to the beginning of its popularity.

They are also published on Amazon Prime for paying subscribers.

Buffalo Toronto Public Media, the group that created the program, says that publishing online is “necessary” to ensure that the program’s original mission lives on.

The stated goal of the educational program is to “meet the needs of kids today.”

But the face of Reading Rainbow just picked a fight with a group fighting for today’s kids.

Levar Burton opens up awards ceremony with threat against Moms for Liberty

The National Book Awards (NBA) convened their annual awards ceremony last week in New York.

The group has been giving awards for literary works and literacy endeavors since 1936.

This year, they chose an iconic face to host the awards—Lavar Burton.

It’s standard for the host of any awards ceremony to give a monologue, which was no different for Burton.

But little did the NBA know that Burton would create a public relations nightmare for the group during his opening words.

“Before we get going, are there any Moms for Liberty in the house? No? Good, then hands will not need to be thrown tonight,” Burton began at the awards.

Those in the audience who were aware of the work of Moms for Liberty responded with laughter—and conservatives noted the significance.

Moms for Liberty took no time to respond to the comments by this hero for children’s literacy.

“American moms weep”

Moms for Liberty came into existence amid rising restrictions in public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group has since taken up the fight against the Radical Left’s attempts to introduce sexualized content into public schools across the country.

Moms for Liberty is no stranger to public attacks from the Left and has previously been listed as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

But the attack from Burton was a bridge too far.

“American moms weep as a childhood favorite, Reading Rainbow, calls for physical attacks against us because we are protecting the innocence of our children,” they wrote online.

“@levarburton, why have you sunk so low? Threatening physical violence against women?” they continued.

Burton has yet to apologize or issue any public response on the matter.

But his intentions have been made clear—he supports the effort to push sexualized books in our public schools.

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