Liberals are furious that Jim Harbaugh dared show his face at this event

Jan 26, 2024

Jim Harbaugh was one of the most successful football coaches of all time at Michigan.

While his former rivals may not care for him, liberal Democrats are now furious at him.

And Jim Harbaugh had the audacity to stand up for what he believes and showed up at the one event that makes liberals crazy.

Even with all the hate, Harbaugh still finds ways to win

Americans love their sports.

There is nowhere else in this World where grown men spend so much of their time, energy, and money on sports than in the United States.

And one of America’s favorite pastimes is college football.

Nearly every man, that isn’t a beta male, has a college football program they follow closely.

Oftentimes, people follow their college football program a little too closely as they take every loss personally.

And this is especially true for rivalries.

Many men can tell you more stats about their teams’ rivalries than they can about their own kids.

Well, one team in college football that has one of the largest bases of supporters and haters is Michigan Football.

With main rivalries against Ohio State and Notre Dame with their massive fan bases, there is no wonder why Michigan is consistently one of the most hated football programs in the nation.

And this past season it got to the point where even their conference leadership in the Big Ten was trying to ruin their chances of winning by suspending Coach Jim Harbaugh for alleged, unproven, cheating allegations.

Throughout this season, people have been harping on Coach Harbaugh as he has built up a base of hatred against him that no other college football coach has in today’s game.

But he could honestly care less.

When you see Coach Harbaugh walk the sidelines and give interviews, you can see he could care less about what other people think.

All he cares about is winning.

And his will and courage to win isn’t on the gridiron.

Winning for Life

Some may know that Jim Harbaugh is a huge pro-life activist.

He has made his beliefs clear to the Democrat run University of Michigan and even his players that he is and always will be pro-life.

But even with that being said, it’s one thing to claim you are pro-life, and it’s another to actually be an activist on the ground to protect babies in the womb.

To the shock of both Democrats and attendees alike, Jim Harbaugh attended the pro-life march for life rally in Washington, D.C., late last week.

During the march, the crowd was being pelted with snow, and in true Coach Harbaugh fashion, he revved up the crowd by shouting, “It’s a great day for a march… This is football weather!”

You know his attendance at the biggest pro-life gathering in the nation is making Democrats quiver with anger.

But thankfully, the chances of them doing anything to Harbaugh as the head coach of the Michigan Wolverines is low as he is just coming off of a national championship.

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