Major League Baseball is reeling as more details about this gambling scheme become known

Mar 27, 2024

Baseball officially kicks off in the US this Thursday, but there was a special game in Korea earlier this week that has MLB buzzing.

When San Diego faced Los Angeles in Korea, all eyes were not on the ball, but this one person who was not even on the field.

Now rumors are swirling in the baseball world as details emerge about this massive gambling scandal that is threatening a $700 million player.

This gambling scheme has sent shockwaves all across the baseball world

Most teams will celebrate their opening day this Thursday, to the excitement of baseball fans everywhere.

However, the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers got off to an early start after Major League Baseball kicked off the regular season this week in Korea for the first time in the history of Major League Baseball.

These two rivals split the series; however, this series gave baseball fans an early look at Shohei Ohtani, who now plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers after leaving the Los Angeles Angels.

Although Ohtani looked as good as ever in Korea, a bombshell scandal regarding his interpreter has taken away his spotlight.

On Wednesday, ESPN reported, “The Los Angeles Dodgers interpreter for Shohei Ohtani was fired Wednesday afternoon after questions surrounding at least $4.5 million in wire transfers sent from Ohtani’s bank account to a bookmaking operation set off a series of events.”

The report adds, “Ippei Mizuhara, the longtime friend and interpreter for Ohtani, incurred the gambling debts to a Southern California bookmaking operation that is under federal investigation”, multiple sources told ESPN. “How he came to lose his job started with reporters asking questions about the wire transfers.”

This gambling scandal comes as Ohtani attempts to get comfortable on his new team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are favored to win the World Series this year.

Last season, while playing for the Los Angeles Angels, Ohtani won the coveted American League MVP award after exceeding expectations on the mound and at bat.

On offense, Ohtani recorded an American league-best 44 home runs and a stellar .304 batting average.

On the mound, Ohtani pitched a remarkable 10 wins with a 3.14 ERA, and a total of 167 strikeouts.

Ohtani represents a dual threat, which has become almost unheard of in today’s Major League Baseball.

As a result, the Los Angeles Dodgers spent a whopping $700 million to secure him for the next 10 years, a contract that sent shockwaves across professional sports.

How the scandal surrounding Ohtani’s interpreter could impact professional sports

Sports gambling has, and will, get you banned for life in baseball because of the scandal around the fixing of the 1919 World Series, however, the scandal surrounding Ohtani’s interpreter takes things to a whole new level.

As contracts get larger and larger, expect league officials to keep a very close eye on players and the people who surround them in the coming years.

Although this scandal does not appear to have any direct impact on Ohtani’s playing abilities, other players who get caught up in these sorts of issues may not be so lucky.

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