McDonald’s meal deals will bankrupt the average family thanks to this new California law

Apr 16, 2024

Taking the family to McDonald’s used to be an inexpensive treat for families, but no more.

McDonald’s – famous for its low prices – is now boasting about their “deal” that is a shocking $25!

And the blame for this ridiculous price rests squarely on California’s liberal government.

It’s a fast-food fiasco that’s got everyone talking, especially in the Golden State.

TikTok user @shannon_montipaya took to social media to expose the eye-watering cost of a meal bundle at a Southern California McDonald’s location.

Only by shelling out a whopping $25.39 + tax, hungry patrons could sink their teeth into a 40-piece Chicken McNuggets feast, paired with just two large orders of fries.

But sadly, if you want a drink, you’ll have to keep shelling out the cash.

“You couldn’t even throw in the Sprite?” lamented the incredulous TikToker, as she bemoaned the sky-high price tag.

As the video went viral, racking up a jaw-dropping 2 million views, outraged viewers flooded the comments section with nostalgia for the days of yore when McDonald’s meals were affordable delights.

But alas, those days seem long gone, with prices skyrocketing by a staggering 100% since 2014, according to a recent FinanceBuzz study.

“Remember when 40 piece chicken nuggets were $5 and a large drink was $1,” reminisced one viewer, echoing the sentiments of many.

But what’s driving these exorbitant prices?

Some social media sleuths were quick to point the finger at California’s recent minimum-wage increase for fast-food workers, which soared from $16 to a jaw-dropping $20.

“20 minimum wage…welcome to your new normal,” one commenter grimly declared.

Yet, not everyone was fazed by the sticker shock.

Some dismissed the outrage as an overreaction, arguing that $12.50 per person isn’t that outrageous for a meal deal.

But behind the scenes, the wage hike is wreaking havoc on California’s fast-food landscape.

Ahead of the April 1 wage increase, businesses have been bracing for the financial fallout.

MOD Pizza shuttered at least five locations in anticipation, while other chains like Pizza Hut and Round Table Pizza have been forced to lay off employees.

Amid the chaos, McDonald’s USA has pushed back against claims of price gouging, insisting that individual franchisees set their own prices.

They maintain that the FinanceBuzz report is “not an accurate representation” of McDonald’s pricing.

“Value is part of McDonald’s DNA,” a McDonald’s spokesperson reassured.

“We’re committed to offering customers great value through everyday affordable pricing plus special offers and deals.”

But for Californians facing sky-high prices and shrinking options, the reality on the ground tells a different story.

As fast-food favorites become luxury indulgences, it’s clear that the Golden State’s minimum-wage saga is far from over.

So, as you ponder your next fast-food fix, remember: the days of dollar menus and budget-friendly bites may be numbered.

Welcome to the new era of high-priced nuggets and empty wallets.

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