Megyn Kelly made one shocking prediction that left Fani Willis shaking in her boots

Mar 7, 2024

Fulton County DA Fani Willis’ criminal case against Donald Trump is on life support.

That could soon be the least of her concerns.

And Megyn Kelly made one shocking prediction that left Fani Willis shaking in her boots.

Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis is watching her criminal case against former President Donald Trump and potentially her legal career collapse under scandal.

More and more evidence is emerging that she lied under oath about her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, whom she hired as a special counsel.

Megyn Kelly predicts that Fani Willis could be facing a felony charge

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly revealed text messages that she obtained between Ashleigh Merchant, a lawyer for Trump ally Mike Roman, and Terrence Bradley on her SiriusXM show.

She said that she obtained exclusive information that could “blow up” the Fulton County case against Trump.

“At the heart of it all: A man named Terrence Bradley,” Kelly said. “He’s the one-time law partner, divorce attorney, and friend of special prosecutor Nathan Wade.”

Bradley testified in the disqualification hearing for Willis before Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee about his knowledge of Willis’ and Wade’s relationship.

“He did not want to be there yesterday, and he made that abundantly clear,” Kelly continued.

“As he obfuscated… and did a whole lot of… not recalling things… It was downright uncomfortable. I believe he lied repeatedly.”

Bradley wasn’t telling the truth based on bombshell text messages uncovered by Kelly.

Text messages confirm witness lied under oath to protect Nathan Wade and Fani Willis

Kelly said that she had text messages that Bradley and Merchant exchanged over the course of a couple of months.

“Texts that prove Terrance Bradley told attorney Merchant… counsel for the defendant Michael Roman… that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade’s affair began prior to Willis hiring him to prosecute Trump…. something both Willis and Wade denied under oath,” Kelly said.

Bradley tried to avoid testifying under oath about Wade and Willis’ relationship by claiming attorney-client privilege with Wade, but the judge ordered him to take the witness stand.

He testified that he was only speculating about when the relationship began when he was questioned by Merchant about the text messages they exchanged.

“Nathan Wade was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money by Ms. Willis… as he wined and dined her… and took her on lavish vacations around the world,” Kelly exclaimed.

“But when Mr. Bradley took the stand… under oath… he seemingly forgot it all!… The man might want to check with the doctor because he’s clearly having some early-onset dementia.”

Kelly revealed a series of text messages from Bradley to Merchant in which he said “absolutely” that the Wade-Willis relationship began in 2019 and rattled off a series of details on how it started.

“These two lied on the stand and need to be disqualified and potentially disbarred and they will be lucky if they are not brought up on felony charges, which requires a fine and or jail time in Georgia. The Georgia State Senate is going to have its hands full, and so is an independent special prosecutor who needs to be brought in to look into these two. We do need a special prosecutor, not against Trump, against Willis …” Kelly said.

The web of lies that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade built about their relationship is slowly being exposed.

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