Mr. Monk is back. But is his new movie a gift for families or just another woke curse from Hollywood?

Jan 4, 2024

More than a decade following its final episode, NBC Universal is bringing the world-famous defective detective, Mr. Monk, for a new movie streaming on Peacock.

The world has changed since Mr. Monk’s last case – but has Monk?

Our team reviewed Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie to find out if the new Peacock original is a gift for families or just another woke curse from Hollywood executives.

Mr. Monk and the return to the airwaves

When audiences last left the renowned but troubled detective Adrian Monk, Barack Obama was still in the early days of his presidency.

It was December of 2009, a front-running major party Presidential candidate had never been booted from a ballot, marriage was still the union of one man and one woman, and nobody put their supposed “preferred pronouns” in their email signatures.

A lot has changed since Mr. Monk last uttered, “Here’s what happened.”

And NBC Universal thought fans might want to see how the so-called “defective detective” would handle life in the modern world.

Have you ever imagined how the obsessive-compulsive Monk – who has a severe case of germaphobia – would handle COVID19?

Your Woke or Watch team knows many of you would be dying to find out – so we checked it first to determine if the movie is worth a watch or is simply too woke to watch.

Made at a time before virtually every movie and show coming out of Hollywood was infested with woke propaganda, the original Monk was an apolitical show.

Does Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie – streaming exclusively on Peacock — follow suit, or has it changed to fit the Leftist worldview?

Mr. Monk and the pandemic

Life has been hard for Adrian Monk – played expertly by Tony Shalhoub – since we last saw him 14 years ago.

COVID hit the detective particularly hard.

In fact, he now carries with him a hand sanitizing machine everywhere he goes – and, of course, no one else is allowed to use it.

Monk also lost his personal assistant, Natalie, who moved to Atlanta.

His book deal was canceled due to him spending more time writing about stoves and vacuums than his history of solving 140 homicide cases.

He was writing the book to pay for the wedding of his late wife Trudy’s daughter, Molly – who Monk only learned was alive in the series finale.

And, at a point that is important to the ending, Monk is also broke and longing for the afterlife to join his beloved Trudy.

All the old cast of characters are back in town for Molly’s wedding when tragedy strikes.

Of course, only Monk can solve the mystery.

From there, the hour and 37-minute movie takes the route of a classic whodunit.

Mr. Monk and the social justice warriors?

Fans will be pleased to know that, by and large, the new Monk movie on Peacock stays true to its apolitical roots.

There is some subtle wokeness in the overarching plot.

The movie sets up Big Media as the “truth to power,” “morals over money” hero of our story.

Meanwhile, an Elon Musk-type billionaire businessman — who likes to travel in space – is cast in the role of the villain.

But that’s really it.

In fact, there are some moments conservatives will love.

For instance, there is an incredibly funny and introspective joke about COVID turning everyone into mini-Monks.

“They’re going to hate it,” Monk replies.

In another scene, the entire gang from the original series is using hand wipes, when Leland Stottlemyer – played by Ted Levine – comments, “it’s a whole new world.”

However, not so much for Monk, who simply replies, “Not for me.”

In a surprise turn of events, the movie makers actually mentioned the almost-unimaginably high crime rates in San Francisco, as Monk wonders if any of his hard work made a difference at all – a theme of the plot.

And, perhaps most refreshingly, Peacock resisted a trope seen in so many reboots and reunion episodes of classic shows.

The makers of this Monk movie avoided the modern “Okay, Boomer,” trend of having some know-it-all Gen Z Zoomer showing up the old gang and Monk having to supposedly “evolve” in order to succeed and save the day.

Instead, Monk, Stottlemyer, and Disher will succeed or fail using the tried-and-true tactics that brought a murderer to justice each week for eight years.

Our team rates Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie as Not Woke.

Mr. Monk and the blast from the past

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie didn’t just stay true to its original apolitical roots.

The movie takes you back in time – as if you’re in the aughts watching a special two-part episode of the old series.

The characters are true to the original; the storytelling is as well.

It’s a flashback to a better time in society and entertainment.

There are several laugh-out-loud moments throughout the film and a fun mystery for audiences to play along and try to solve.

Shalhoub and Devine don’t miss a beat, doing a masterful job reprising their old roles as Monk and Stottlemyer, respectively.

That’s why our team highly recommends giving Monk’s new movie a watch.

Fans of the original series should not hesitate to stream this new Peacock original in all its good fun.

Even those who missed out on Monk in the early 2000s but enjoy a good laugh or a stubborn mystery should consider giving Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie a try.

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