Nancy Mace just voted to force taxpayers to pay for drag shows on military bases

Oct 13, 2023

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace continues to attack the Constitution and the American people.

And her latest vote is one of the most disgusting yet.

Because Nancy Mace just voted to force taxpayers to pay for drag shows on military bases.

Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) has made a name for herself as one of the leading RINOS in Congress.

Claiming to love liberty but only loves herself

Mace claims she is a strong liberty lover and claims to oppose big government.

But in her zeal to promote herself, she has offended almost every part of her base.

She has become an outspoken pro-abortion advocate while still claiming to be pro-life.

Mace has spoken out against the Second Amendment and gun owners.

And though she claims to support less government, she recently voted to force taxpayers to fund drag shows at military facilities.

It turns out the only thing Mace is consistent with is her self-promotion and her love of herself.

No wonder conservatives and libertarians alike have written Mace off as just another RINO Swamp monster.

Her most recent bad vote was against an amendment offered by Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) to the House spending bill that would have stripped federal funding for drag shows and “pride” events at the Department of Defense.

Roy has been fighting against woke ideology in the military for a while now.

Back in March, he and nine other Members of Congress filed a motion to remove funding for LGBT events from the Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

Military should be focused on national defense, not on drag shows

“The Pentagon should be MORE focused on maintaining military readiness (like shoring up our intel) than hosting drag queen events and indoctrinating troops,” his office wrote on Twitter at the time.

Unfortunately, despite the Republican majority in the House, Roy’s latest amendment was defeated by a margin of 231-202.

Not surprisingly, all 213 House Democrats voted against the amendment, but they were joined by 18 House Republicans who gave the margin needed to stop the amendment.

And foremost among them was Mace, who once again defected from her supposed conservative values to join her leftist Democrat allies to force taxpayers to pay for drag shows.

Thanks to Mace and the 17 other spineless so-called “Republicans,” the amendment failed, and Americans will be forced to continue to fund LGBT activities.

But while Mace and the other Republicans voting against this amendment is infuriating, it isn’t unexpected given Mace’s previous sellouts on issues.

Mace has become just another part of the GOP establishment that consistently backstab their conservative base to kowtow to the radical Left.

This on its own is very frustrating, but it becomes even worse when you consider the sad state of our military in an ever more dangerous world.

The growing war in Ukraine, combined with Communist China’s aggressive actions against Taiwan, means the U.S. is closer to getting involved in a major war than we have been in decades.

And neither Russia nor Communist China has any respect for a military like ours that is more concerned with woke leftist ideology than fighting our enemies.

This makes them even more aggressive in their goal of global domination.

Passing Roy’s amendment would have been a good, small, commonsense first step to fixing the problems in our military.

But our national security isn’t important for Mace and the other 17 RINOs.

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