NASCAR revealed one terrible change that will forever change stock car racing

Jul 10, 2024

NASCAR has undergone some dramatic changes over the years.

But not all of them have been for the better.

And NASCAR revealed one terrible change that will forever change stock car racing.

NASCAR unveils its electric race car 

There is no sport in America that hates its fanbase more than NASCAR.

NASCAR fans tend to be rural, southern, and conservative but the sport’s leadership continually tries to appeal to a national audience.

That results in NASCAR celebrating LGBT Pride Month, social justice, and banning Confederate flags at the race track.

Now the leadership of stock car racing is joining the green lobby and unveiling its first electric vehicle prototype.

NASCAR and Swedish multinational conglomerate ABB debuted the ABB NASCAR EV Prototype with the help of Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet.

The $1.5 million electric vehicle prototype was unveiled by the Chicago Street Race.

“There could not be a more optimal moment in time to announce our first Impact partner than in tandem with the debut of the ABB NASCAR EV Prototype at the Chicago Street Race,” NASCAR Chief Impact Officer Eric Nyquist said. “ABB is an industry leader and will help in efforts to decarbonize our operations as we pursue achieving net-zero operating emissions over the next decade.”

The prototype will help NASCAR gauge fan interest in electric vehicles.

It features three STARD UHP 6-Phase electric motors and a 78-kWh liquid-cooled battery.

This setup is capable of producing 1,000 kilowatts of power – about 1,3000 horsepower. 

An engine for a Next Gen car in the Cup Series has 670 horsepower.

The future of stock car racing could be electric 

NASCAR Senior Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer John Probst said there are plans yet for an electric racing series.

But the prototype was about exploring the sport’s future.

“I’m not sitting here saying we’re going to announce a series,” Probst said. “As much as anything, it’s about us exploring what our future could be . . . As we learn, we’ll be in the driver’s seat wherever our future takes us.”

NASCAR’s goal is to become carbon neutral by 2035 by exploring environmentally-friendly fuels or potentially hydrogen.

General Motors (GM) Motorsport Competition chief Eric Warren thought that NASCAR fans would be more interested in buying an electric vehicle if they were exposed to it through racing. 

“We’re committed to electric vehicles,” Warren said. “Racing gives a great platform to discuss a lot of those concepts and educate fans. It’s a laboratory for us to try some new technologies and learn as we educate.”

An electric vehicle would change the entire experience of a NASCAR race for fans.

The sound of the engines would be gone and the smell of fuel would be gone.

Instead, fans would hear the low hum of an electric motor.

Probst said that NASCAR would have to change the fan experience with electric vehicles.

Adding a DJ could replace the roar of the engines. 

Electric vehicle demand is collapsing around the country and sales are mostly confined to wealthy coastal cities.

But NASCAR continues to test the boundaries of how far it can push its fan base with electric racing.

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