NASCAR’s disrespect for Christianity has Dale Earnhardt, Jr. fuming

Apr 10, 2024

NASCAR is not what it used to be. They used to know and respect their fan base, but all that has changed.

Now it has gotten so bad that a member of one of the most respected families in the sport has lashed out.

And when one of Earnhardt criticizes NASCAR, people listen.

Dale Earnhardt Jr is livid and completely shredded NASCAR for disrespecting Christianity.

NASCAR used to be exceptional

If you lived in a family that loved sports odds are you watched a Daytona 500 or two growing up.

Back in the day, there was nothing else in sports quite like what NASCAR could do every weekend.

Hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the nation would flock to the next racetrack on the NASCAR circuit to immerse themselves in the second to none electric environment that the racing league used to provide.

And one of the biggest things that drew the massive crowds to the track was the fact that NASCAR was a sports league built upon a foundation of family values and American heritage.

Even the NASCAR drivers themselves were as middle American as they come in sports.

You would be hard pressed to find a league with a more American First audience and consumer than NASCAR.

But like nearly everything else in society, NASCAR decided to ditch what made it great and the League fully embraced a radical agenda that left their fans behind in the dust.

For nearly a decade now NASCAR has done everything it can to give the middle finger to its old fan base.

Instead of promoting the greatness of America like the League used to do, the executives in NASCAR bought Bubba Wallace’s lies about racism.

And they were even dumb enough to fall for the fake noose story that ended up being a garage door rope handle.

But the madness didn’t stop there as NASCAR has openly targeted their own fanbase multiple times during its fall from greatness.

Whenever you used to go to a NASCAR race, its southern heritage would be on full display as you would see countless confederate flags flying throughout the raceway.

Well back in 2020 NASCAR decided to ban the confederate flag and any fan who dared tried to display the flag during a race.

You would think NASCAR would have learned its lesson as they can’t fill up stands now are nearly any race no matter what they do.

Well it looks like NASCAR has decided to give the middle finger one last time to its fan base as the racing League, for the first time since the 1980s, decided to hold a race on Easter.

Dale’s pissed at NASCAR

And this move to hold the Richmond Raceway race on the holiest day for Christianity didn’t settle well with a lot of people, and especially not Dale Earnhardt Jr.

On his podcast, Dirty Mo Media, last week Dale Jr. ripped into NASCAR stating, “Racing on Easter is not helpful. I know other sports play on Easter and other things happen but I’m not going to those. I’m not ever going to be at a sporting event on Easter holiday, I’m not. Not happening. It’s not entirely necessary that we do that. That is not going to help your walkup crowd, your ticket sales, that is not going to help. And I don’t think it really helps your TV audience.”

You would think if NASCAR wants to gain prominence back like it used to and bring back its old fan base that the League might listen to the concerns of a legendary racer like Dale Jr.

But don’t hold your breath as NASCAR could care less about winning its old fan base back.

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