NBC is really regretting they put this event on their schedule

Nov 7, 2023

The latest Republican Primary debate is tonight, and the primaries are just around the corner.

So far, it’s difficult to say that any of the Republican candidates have won anyone over.

Now NBC has to be wondering why they agreed to host the final Republican Presidential debate.

Donald Trump still holds a commanding lead of nearly 44 points over DeSantis

The final Republican debate for the presidential primary will be held on Wednesday, November 8, and it’ll be the last opportunity for Trump’s challengers to make their case to America.

Right now, according to Five Thirty Eight pollsters, Trump is maintaining a massive lead over his opponents.

DeSantis is leading the pack of underdogs with support from just 14 percent of likely Republican voters.

The Florida Governor is followed by former Trump ambassador Nikki Haley with just 7.7 percent and political outsider Vivek Ramaswamy sitting at 4.9 percent.

The other top four challengers barely break a combined total of 5 percent.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is sitting at a decisive 58 percent of support from Republicans as we get closer to the beginning of the primary elections.

Fox News held the first two Republican debates, and NBC News will hold the last one in Miami.

But NBC just got some terrible news just days before their opportunity to moderate.

NBC News to host the final Republican debate after poor performance by Fox News

A newly released survey by McLaughlin & Associates has been released, and it’s not looking good for the final Republican primary debate.

The poll showed that Americans are tired of seeing Republican underdogs duke it out on debate stages.

The survey asked voters whether they agree that due to President Trump’s outstanding lead in the polls, the GOP “stop the RNC debates attacking Donald Trump…[and] rally Republicans behind President Trump…”

Respondents to the poll showed overwhelming support for that idea—with 76 percent saying they agree with the sentiment.

Out of those polled, 56 percent strongly agreed with that idea. Even better, just 16 percent said that they disagreed with that statement.

The findings are a terrible omen not only for other Republican candidates but also for the viewership that NBC News should be expecting out of the third debate.

The first two debates showed terrible turnout, with approximately half of the viewers that were watching in 2015—the last time there were Republican primary debates for president.

Now, more polls are showing that Joe Biden has some significant concerns heading into 2024.

Trump currently leading Biden in five out of six swing states

Establishment media and Radical activists in the judicial system have been trying to do everything they can to stop Donald Trump from getting reelected.

The former president currently faces over 90 criminal indictments in several states—but his popularity continues to soar.

Trump is now ahead of Biden in five out of six swing states, according to a New York Times poll conducted last week.

Voters in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin were polled on the hypothetical matchup between the current and former President.

Wisconsin was the only one leaning towards Biden with just a 2-point lead.

Trump looks to handily take the other five states, with the largest margin in Nevada at 10 points and the lowest margin in Pennsylvania at 4 points.

This is why Americans are tired of the Never-Trump media trying to position his challengers as a solution to Biden.

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