Nearly 30 years after her death Princess Diana continues to shock the Royals

Apr 17, 2024

These are very dark times for the British royal family, following the announcements from Princess Catherine and King Charles of their respective cancer diagnoses.

But the Royals are known for putting on a stiff upper lip and carrying on.

But even the Royals were shocked when these revelations about Princess Diana came out nearly 30 years after her tragic death.

The British Royal Family cannot catch a break, even from its former members

The British Royal Family has suffered from several monumental setbacks lately.

First and foremost, King Charles III and his daughter-in-law Princess Catherine of Wales announced cancer diagnoses within the last couple of months.

To add insult to injury, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew have made headlines for all the wrong reasons in relation to several high-profile scandals.

Although the British Royal Family faces what seems like massive hurdles, any royal family expert will tell you that this family has faced much worse and managed to rebound.

Most people who were alive at the time can remember where they were when Princess Diana died, and following her death a deluge of documents emerged, detailing her experiences as a royal Princess.

Just last February author Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, published My Mother and I, which digs deep into King Charles’ relationship with his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

In this book, Seward examines Princess Diana’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth, which reveals a major disconnect between these legendary figures.

According to Seward, “Diana used to go to her private room in between appointments that the queen had, which were every 20 minutes, and burst into tears,” adding that Diana would tell the Queen, “Everybody hates me mama, and I hate my husband. He’s a nightmare.”

Seward added, “The queen would just stand there [horrified], and Diana would be getting more and more hysterical. [The queen] didn’t know how to handle it, but she thought Charles should know how to handle it. That was a very low point in the relationship.”

Seward then claims later on in the book, “The queen couldn’t understand how her son, who was in his early 30s, couldn’t handle a woman who was only in her early 20s. And she didn’t understand because she didn’t have the experience to understand something like that.”

These shocking stories about Princess Diana could not have come at a worse time for the Windsors

The drama surrounding Princess Diana and her relationship with Queen Elizabeth continues to make headlines even twenty-six years after her death.

These claims about unrest within the deepest chambers of Buckingham Palace come at a time when both King Charles II and the wife of his heir, Princess Catherine face horrifying health problems.

Many experts on the British Royal Family predict that troubled waters lie ahead for this world-famous bunch.

However, rarely have multiple members of the Royal Family faced such grave outlooks, causing many to question the viability of the Windsor family moving forward.

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