New report shows how Disney bought Florida politicians to build their empire

Dec 18, 2023

Before Disney went woke, they owned Florida politics. 

Disney World transformed Florida’s economy from oranges and beaches to one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

But this new bombshell report just revealed how Disney bribed and scammed its way into a Florida empire.

A bizarre hill to die on

For fifty-five years, Disney dominated Florida and its politics.

Florida even passed a Disney requested law that established all the land around the Walt Disney World Resort as the Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID), which gave it all the power of a county government.

But then the massive entertainment empire made a huge, and most likely, fatal mistake.

The executives at Disney chose the sexualization of underage children as the hill they were willing to die on.

Specifically, HB 1557, Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibited radical activist teachers from bringing LGBT politics and transgender indoctrination into kindergarten through third-grade classrooms.

Disney, for some reason, decided to try and throw its weight around in opposition to the bill. 

And according to The Federalist, “In keeping with its executives’ commitment to bringing a “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” into every aspect of its brand, Disney, a “county” unto itself through the RCID, made striking down HB 1557 its “goal.””

But little did the massive corporate mouse know it was no match for Governor DeSantis.

And in April 2022, just six months before the Florida governor would win reelection in a 20-point landslide, he signed into law a bill repealing Disney’s sweetheart Reedy Creek Improvement District (RCID). 

The RCID then dissolved in June 2023.

“The most egregious exhibition of corporate cronyism in modern American history”

DeSantis then replaced the RCID with the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD).

The CFTOD put together the first comprehensive and independent audit in the more than 50-year history of the Disney district. 

The 80-page report, according to The Federalist, can be summed up this way; “The Reedy Creek Improvement District was “the most egregious exhibition of corporate cronyism in modern American history.”

The report shows that the entire premise of the RCID was a scam. 

Disney sold the idea of this special district to Florida with the idea of “EPCOT,” or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. 

EPCOT was supposed to include not only attractions and theme parks, but also business and residential zones.

That never happened.

Instead, Disney simply built the theme park but never got around to building the crucial infrastructure they had promised.

There would be no schools, hospitals, or housing for its employees.

This meant surrounding communities incurred the burden and cost of providing these essentials to the company’s workers. 

The CFTOD auditors noted, “The RCID was a mousetrap. Disney dangled savory cheese in front of the Florida Legislature and the people of Orlando, but quickly abandoned its city-building pretense.”

Reedy Creek had no oversight, just Disney deciding what would serve its interests best, with no concern for the many taxpayers located inside the district. 

In fact, according to the report, Disney’s authority became so out of control that the company “attained the power to, among other exceptional privileges, create and direct not just its own fire and police departments, but also, if it chose, construct a nuclear power plant.” 

Disney engaged in cronyism, including swaying local supervisors by paying board members’ property taxes and keeping district employees on Disney’s payroll.

Disney, largely on the backs of Florida taxpayers, became one of the biggest corporations in the entire world. 

Kingly kickbacks

But among the worst revelations from the audit was the unethical river of perks and benefits from Disney to RCID employees. 

According to the report, Disney simply bought the loyalty of the district.

As The Federalist reported, “Disney would provide flashy perks to Reedy Creek employees, many of which weren’t available to the general public. These benefits included up to 40 percent off Disney cruises and merchandise, other discounts on resort rooms and services, and millions of dollars worth of Disney park annual passes for not only employees but also their friends and family — plus free, single-use, transferable tickets over the holidays.” 

Then, after decades of corruption, kickbacks and favoritism, Disney decided to risk it all to defend sexualizing little kids.

And it hasn’t worked out well for them at all.

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