NHL just bowed down to the radical LGBT lobby and reversed this ban that has fans up in arms

Nov 1, 2023

Despite most Americans opposing the woke transgender movement, pro sports leagues continue to bow to the LGBT radicals.

And one pro sports league just made a decision that infuriated its fan base.

Because the NHL just bowed down to the radical LGBT lobby and reversed this ban that has fans up in arms.

National pro sports leagues aren’t immune from the poor decision-making and woke actions that have destroyed Bud Light.

From bad to worse

It started with the Black Lives Matter movement run by charlatans and crooks.

The NFL, NBA, NHL, and even NASCAR knelt to the woke cancel culture grifters who used the drug overdose of a hardened criminal to wreak havoc on America.

Fans left, TV ratings and advertising dollars dried up, and pro sports learned what it means to “go woke and go broke.”

But then, as that was dying down and sports was seemingly trying to return to normal, the radical LGBT lobby forced their agenda on the sports world.

NASCAR even went so far as to ban the Stars and Bars flown by many of its fans and started flying the LGBT rainbow flag.

Talk about not understanding your fan base.

The NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball jumped on the LGBT bandwagon as well.

And the NHL did, too – at first.

But then common sense prevailed, and the NHL banned the gay pride symbols on hockey sticks.

But now, in a bizarre and self-defeating move, they have reversed themselves.

So, the NHL has been able to offend and tick off everyone.

Hockey players’ union joins with the LGBT lobby

The NHL Players Association, the union that represents the pro hockey players, came out against the tape ban.

And once the ban was reversed, the union bosses said they were “pleased to see the league’s policy has been revised so that players are free to support causes they believe in.”

The company that makes Pride Tape said on social media, “We are so very grateful to everyone who believes hockey should be a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space for all. We are extremely happy that NHL players will now have the option to voluntarily represent important social causes with their stick tape throughout the season.”

They were joined by “The You Can Play Project,” which advocates for LGBT participation in sports and has quietly partnered with the NHL for a decade.

They called the reversal “a win for us all,” according to the AP.

“Actively welcoming communities into hockey is imperative to keep the sport strong now and into the future,” You Can Play said in a statement, according to the AP. “We appreciate every person, team, and organization that made their voice heard to support this change and appreciate the NHL’s willingness to listen and make the right choice.”

Unfortunately for the NHL, the vast majority of their fans do not agree with the decision.

At the rate they are going, the NHL will soon see fans disappear and revenue reductions as the once proud league, known for its tough guy image, becomes just another LGBT spokesmodel.

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