Nigel Farage has world elites panicking once again when he talks about Donald Trump

Feb 28, 2024

The world is watching the U.S. Presidential election. 

And Englishman Nigel Farage seems to know just how important this election is better than most. 

Now Nigel Farage has world elites panicking when he talks about Donald Trump. 

Trump shocked the system once

Our federal elections have been breaking the rules ever since the 2016 election. 

In 2018, Democrats won a massive landslide victory across the country in the middle of a booming economy which is unheard of. 

2020 came around with none of the math working out as Joe Biden was winning areas and demographics by margins no one ever thought was possible especially as Trump was performing well with the demographics he needed to win. 

Then conservatives suffered through one of the most embarrassing nights in recent campaign history.  During the 2022 election conservatives couldn’t capitalize on the amazing polling numbers and state of the American economy. 

People are wondering if 2024 will continue the pattern of unpredictable, and sometimes illogical, election results or will this election correct itself back to 2016 and before norms. 

Many are predicting that we are in for another election like we had in 2016 with the media doubting Trump against a weak Democrat candidate in Joe Biden. 

But people seem to forget it wasn’t just Trump in 2016 that crushed the establishment during a national election. 

On June 23, 2016 world elites got their first taste of what it was like to be shocked by election results. 

After legacy news, political leaders, and world elites told the people of Great Britain that they needed to stay in the European Union for their country to prosper. 

Well like the United States at the time, England was being overrun by migrants. 

And people were getting sick of the lies they were told about greener pastures that were going to come with globalist policies. 

So in the course of a few months, Nigel Farage took his small and unorganized political party and campaigned on Brexit. 

And to the shock of world elites and politicians everywhere, on June 23, 2016, Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. 

Many saw the success of Brexit as the first warning sign of 2016 that Trump and his populist movement may have a chance in the general election. 

Well, fast forward to 2024 and history may be repeating itself. 

Will Trump pull it off again?

And if anyone would know if 2024 will resemble 2016 it’s Nigel Farage. 

Well according to Farage, Trump is looking better now than he did in 2016. 

While at CPAC late last week Farage told the press that, “I think that the way his campaign is being run is far more professional than it was in ’16 or it was in ’20. I think the messaging is very clear, and I think there is an appetite.”

Farage continued by saying, “just look at the state of American cities; look at what’s happening on the border; look at the global situation, where the weakness of Biden, particularly over Kabul in Afghanistan, has led to such bad things. I am an open supporter of his [Trump]. I have been from the very beginning, but I genuinely think that the world would be a better, safer place with him as President.”

And during his speech at CPAC, he made it clear that he thinks Trump will pull off the victory. 

Time will tell if Trump will pull off another stunning victory. 

But if you are a Trump supporter, you should be getting excited as to what Nigel Farage is witnessing as we head into the November election. 

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