No one will be able to follow these new woke communication guidelines at this costly university

Mar 5, 2024

Universities used to be a safe place to try out challenging ideas and push boundaries in human thought.

But now they have become safe spaces for people who want to quash any thought.

And this high-priced university just released a new speech code that makes it impossible for anyone to bring up any serious idea or be able to communicate with anyone.

Training the Social Justice Warrior of Tomorrow

Every passing semester, colleges across the country are churning out more social justice radicals ill-prepared for the real world, let alone the workplace.

No longer is so-called “higher education” teaching valuable career skills and training the next generation of leaders in the United States.

Instead, they’re focused on social-emotional learning, critical theory, and training the next generation of woke activists in the United States.

But they’re not stopping with worthless degrees and courses.

In fact, a guideline at Syracuse University will have George Orwell turning over in his grave.

Whatever you do, don’t look at the dog

The latest major university to implement speech guidelines is one of the biggest communications schools in the country – Syracuse University.

Marv Albert, Dick Clark, Michael Cole, Bob Costas, and Megyn Kelly – are just a few of the names of prominent SU graduates.

But none of them had to follow the new anti-free speech rules on campus.

According to The College Fix, the college has put out a list of “micro-assaults” that are to be avoided.

What is a micro-assault?

The University of Auburn defines micro-assault as: “an explicit racial derogation characterized primarily by a verbal or nonverbal attack, meant to hurt the intended victim through name-calling, avoidant behavior, or purposeful discrimination.”

If that’s the definition, how does saying “hey guys” when meeting a group of mixed-gendered individuals constitute a “micro-assault”?

But according to the new SU guideline, “hey guys” is off limits – unless you’re speaking to a group of all men, of course – which would be problematic enough to Leftist as it is.

You see, in the minds of the academic elites, “you guys” reminds people of a “male-dominated society” – at least, according to the new guidelines.

What’s worse is that SU isn’t just telling people what to say; they’re telling people where they can look.

The new guidelines state that it is a micro-assault to simply look at someone’s service dog.

When people see a dog – they look.

The university unveiled the new guidelines in a seminar for faculty and staff.

“While some may believe the road to equity and inclusion is ‘paved with good intentions,’ language that is left unchecked can have a destructive impact,” the seminar description reads.

“Microaggressions are more than just words; they are subtle acts of exclusion.”

Reminder, this is coming from the same school that changed from the Orangemen to the Orange so as not to appear sexist.

That’s what nearly $325,000 it costs to get a four-year degree at SU will buy you in 2024.

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