Panera unveiled a first-of-its-kind new menu item that set the Internet on fire

Jul 3, 2024

Panera is undergoing a major overhaul of its menu this summer.

Now it’s doing something that was once unthinkable in the food world.

And Panera unveiled a first-of-its-kind new menu item that set the Internet on fire.

Panera rolls out its new cinnamon roll breakfast sandwiches 

The competition for fast food breakfast dollars has heated up in recent years as more chains began offering it.

Wendy’s, Subway, and even Taco Bell began serving breakfast to get into the market.

Panera Bread is known for being a place where customers can get healthy options on the menu like salads.

And that includes breakfast too with choices like steel-cut oats, Greek yogurt, and fruit.

Now Panera is going in a more indulgent direction with its latest update to its breakfast menu.

Sweet and savory are being combined in a mouthwatering new addition. 

The chain launched a line of breakfast sandwiches made with its legendary cinnamon rolls called CinnaScrambles.

Customers can choose from the Sausage CinnaScramble, which stacks sausage, a scrambled egg, and American cheese in a cinnamon roll.

Fans also have the option of swapping out the sausage for savory bacon.

The CinnaScramble features a scrambled egg and American cheese on a cinnamon roll.

And Panera is releasing a line of upgraded cinnamon rolls called CinnaTops for a sweeter breakfast option.

The Candy Cookie Cinnatops, Choco Chipper Cookie Cinnatops, or Fudgy Brownie Cinnatops all feature a cinnamon roll piled high with another dessert for the ultimate sugar rush for breakfast.

Chopped-up bits of candy cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or fudge brownies are added to make for the ultimate sweet treat.


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Panera adds more breakfast sandwiches to the menu

Panera is also adding the Bacon Double Take, which is a scrambled egg, American and provolone cheese, and a double serving of bacon on black pepper focaccia bread.

For a heartier breakfast option, the Steak & Wake features sliced steak piled high on ciabatta bread.

Panera Bread’s Vice President of Product Strategy, Alicia Mowder, said that this was the start of the overhaul of the chain’s breakfast menu.

“We’re thrilled to introduce exciting new breakfast items to our bakery cafes nationwide as part of our ongoing menu transformation,” Mowder said.

“These delicious offerings will feature sweet, savory, and protein-packed options to kickstart your day, including options that feature our signature cinnamon rolls – a customer favorite that are baked for guests in our cafes,” Mowder continued. “This is just the beginning of our commitment to providing an even more delightful breakfast experience for our guests.”

Panera Bread announced in April that it was entering a “new era” with the biggest menu overhaul in company history.

The chain is adding menu items with chicken and steak while keeping traditional favorites like soups, salads, and macaroni and cheese.

More additions to the menu under $10 are on the way.

Panera Bread has more options on the menu for fast food fanatics looking for a change of pace from the usual burger and fries.

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