Patrick Mahomes shut down the woke outrage mob with two words about Harrison Butker

May 29, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs star Harrison Butker created a firestorm by delivering a graduation speech.

Now he’s in the crosshairs of cancel culture for speaking the truth. 

And Patrick Mahomes shut down the woke outrage mob with two words about Harrison Butker.

Patrick Mahomes comes to the defense of Harrison Butker after controversy 

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker became the latest victim of a media frenzy after delivering a commencement address.

Butker – a devout Catholic – spoke to the graduates of a small Catholic college in Kansas about the importance of family and motherhood.

Telling the women at the commencement that motherhood is rewarding was beyond the pale for the media.

Cancel culture was coming for him in full force.

An online petition collected more than 200,000 signatures asking the Chiefs to cut him.

The Kansas City Star published a column that demanded the team replace him with a woman.

And the NFL condemned his remarks.

“His views are not those of the NFL as an organization. The NFL is steadfast in our commitment to inclusion, which only makes our league stronger,” NFL Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Jonathan Beane.

Now the biggest star who plays alongside Butker with the Chiefs broke his silence on the controversy.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said he’s played with the kicker for seven years, calling him a “good person.”

“That’s someone who cares about the people around him, cares about his family, and wants to make a good impact in society,” Mahomes explained. “When you’re in the locker room, there’s a lot of people from a lot of different areas of life, and they have a lot of different views on everything, and we’re not always gonna agree.”

Mahomes pointed out that Butker was trying to help the college graduates. 

“There are certain things that he said that I don’t necessarily agree with, but I understand the person that he is, and he’s trying to do whatever he can to lead people in the right direction,” Mahomes added. “It might not be the same values as I have, but at the same time, I’m gonna judge him by the character that he shows every single day, and that’s a great person.”

Chiefs coach defends Butker and takes a shot at the media

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid came out in defense of his player.

He noted, like Mahomes, that the team has a wide variety of views in the locker room but everyone gets along.

 “We’re a microcosm of life here,” Reid said. “Everybody is from different areas, different religions, different races. And so we all get along, we all respect each other’s opinions. And not necessarily do we go by those, but we respect everybody to have a voice. It’s the great thing about America, man. And we’re just . . . a microcosm of that. My wish is that everybody could follow that.”

A reporter asked Reid if he thought Butker’s comments were derogatory toward women.

“He has his opinions and we all respect that,” Reid fired back. “I let you guys [the media] in this room and you have a lot of opinions that I don’t like.”

Harrison Butker has the backing of the people who count against the woke sports media.

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