Pope Francis’ latest power play is aimed at punishing this American Cardinal

Dec 5, 2023

The leader of the world’s largest Christian denomination seems hell-bent on destroying 2,000 years of tradition.

Critics of his policies are speaking out, and he is mobilizing his forces to squish all the voices of dissenters.

Now, he’s just unleashed this power play that shows he will punish anyone who questions the direction he is taking the Church.

Pope Francis faces major pushback from American officials in the Church

Pope Francis has become increasingly radicalized since he entered the highest position in the Catholic Church.

That has led to growing condemnation for his so-called progressive takes on cultural and political issues that are rocking the world—especially Catholicism.

Many hardline conservatives in the faith have pushed back on the Pope for his support of the LGBTQ community, divorce, contraception, transgenderism, and even the COVID response.

That has led to the Pope conducting a behind-the-scenes war against dissenters within his ranks.

The Pope faces the most defiance from American officials within the Church.

The dissidents from America often take a more traditional viewpoint on the hottest cultural issues today.

Americans, in general, have reached a point of revolt against woke-ism, and that’s especially true from the Catholic faith.

Recently, the Pope has been making an example of one American Cardinal.

Burke implied the Pope’s synod would resemble Babel

Cardinal Raymond Burke has been leading the charge against the Radical transformation of the Catholic Church in recent years.

Burke has publicly condemned Francis’s actions and helped publish the “Declaration of Truths” in 2019, where a group of conservatives attacked the Church for falling away from its roots.

In October, the Pope held a synod—which is a formal meeting of bishops.

Burke held his own conference the night before, which he called The Synodal Babel.

In it, he warned that the upcoming synod would weaken the Church and lead to further decay in teachings.

All these actions by Burke have resulted in a target being put on his back.

In the past few years, the Cardinal has been demoted to positions of lower authority and influence.

That hasn’t stopped Burke from pushing back in any way.

Now Francis is planning an even more extreme move against Burke.

“Unprecedented” move may “provoke significant backlash”

According to a report from the BBC, Pope Francis is making major plans further to isolate Cardinal Burke from the rest of the Church.

The plan includes Burke’s eviction from his Vatican living quarters and an elimination of his salary.

BBC says that their source within the Vatican claims that this move is not a “personal punishment” but rather the repercussions that come when a Cardinal is found to be “criticizing the head of the church.”

Christopher White reports on Vatican affairs for the National Catholic Reporter, and he called the move “unprecedented” even under the Radical leadership of Francis.

“Typically, retired cardinals continue to reside in Rome after stepping down from their positions, often remaining active in papal liturgies and ceremonial duties,” he said.

White added, “evicting someone from their Vatican apartment sets a new precedent,” adding that this will most likely “provoke significant backlash.”

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