Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made one wrong move that put them in this scary situation

Jun 25, 2024

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are locked into a bitter feud with the British Royal Family.

Their quest to seek fame and glory could cost them more than they could ever imagine.

And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made one wrong move that put them in this scary situation.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s search for fame and fortune cost them dearly

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as working Royals in 2020 and departed the United Kingdom for the Santa Barbara, California area.

Harry released a tell-all memoir, Spare, that attacked members of the British Royal Family.

The couple has cut deals for Netflix specials and Meghan is trying to get a lifestyle brand, American Riveria Orchard, off the ground.

Harry and Meghan are trying to cash in on their status as Royals for fame and fortune.

The King author Christopher Andersen told Fox News Digital that the couple’s burgeoning business empire will make it harder for them to repair their relationship with the Royal Family.

“Harry and Meghan have drifted so far out to sea as far as King Charles III and Prince William are concerned,” Andersen said.

The rift may be too big to repair at this point according to Andersen. 

“There is really no foreseeable way in which they’ll ever be welcomed back,” Andersen continued. “Even if Harry was to throw himself at the king’s feet and beg for forgiveness – which Harry is not about to do – the best he could hope for would be crumbs from the royal table, and the sort of grudging acceptance that is currently being afforded to Harry’s disgraced uncle, Prince Andrew.”

Cashing in on their Royal titles could be the nail in the coffin for Harry and Meghan 

Harry and Meghan monetizing their Royal titles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would push things past the point of no return with his family.

“If Harry and Meghan are determined to monetize their titles, then they’ll just be digging that hole deeper and deeper,” Andersen explained. “But if they simply use their California-centric celebrity to build their brand and steer clear of overtly capitalizing on the Sussex name and Windsor connection – well, everybody has a right to make a living. Even then, there would still be acrimony – and zero chance of Harry getting back into the king’s and William’s good graces.”

A similar report came from Royal correspondent Russell Myers.

He told Sky News Australia that Harry needs to keep his mouth closed if he wants to repair his relationship with his family.

“Members from the royal family have told Harry, if he wants a relationship with the rest of the family, then first and foremost, he has got to stop talking about them,” Myers said.

Myers said that Harry and Meghan constantly trashing the Royal Family is no way for them to mend fences.

“They can’t go about making money off their associations with the royal family,” Myers remarked. “They’re going to [have to] sort of realize, if they’re going to have a relationship with the rest of the royal family, they can’t go about trashing them.”

“Hopefully, they’ll see that the royal family are very united without them, and if they do want a relationship, going forward, they need to take the steam out of their relationship and out of the things they say sometimes,” Myers added.

Polo player Nacho Figueras, a friend of the couple, posted a picture of jam from Meghan’s American Riviera Orchard on social media.

His post showed up in the feeds of British viewers before the annual Trooping the Color ceremony, sparking outrage.

Meghan and Harry continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves to climb out of with their antics.

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