Prince Harry is facing this painful decision about his family that could change everything

May 9, 2024

Prince Harry strained his relationship with his family from his selfish antics after marrying Meghan Markle.

A trip to the United Kingdom could give him a chance to reconcile. 

But now Prince Harry is facing this painful decision about his family that could change everything.

Prince Harry is hurting King Charles with his behavior

Prince Harry began burning his bridges with his family after he married D-list actress Meghan Markle in 2018.

His father, King Charles III, was crowned a little over a year ago and is battling against cancer.

Royal watchers told Fox News Digital that the King’s personal life is mired in turmoil.

“King Charles has endured a rocky time,” British photographer Helena Chard said. “However, he has proved himself to be a very strong, focused King . . . He is a huge force for good and stability . . . He has surprised many people who wrongly believed he would be a weak King.”

She added that he’s “highly emotional” when it comes to his relationship with Prince Harry.

King Charles is hoping that his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, can find a way to reconcile their relationship.

“He finds it hard to reprimand when necessary,” Chard stated. “He is sad about situations involving his darling boy Harry. He hopes his sons will not make his final years a misery and is hopeful they will sort their differences out in time.”

Harry and Markle left the United Kingdom in 2020 to live in California after quitting as working Royals.

Royal watcher Hilary Fordwich said that the strained relationship between his sons is hard on him.

“King Charles is saddened at the less than remote chance of any reconciliation between his sons,” Fordwich said.

“He has been consistent in remaining open to embracing Harry, but has been advised by courtiers and others to be leery of Harry’s intentions,” Fordwich continued. “What does cause him heartache is not seeing nor even knowing his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

Harry burns bridges with his family with his book

Prince Harry used his 2023 memoir, Spare, to attack members of the Royal Family.

He accused his stepmother, Queen Camilla, of giving his private conversations to the British media.

And he also alleged that William attacked him after his marriage to Markle.

“Harry’s vituperative volleys thrown at her via his autobiographical whinefest Spare were deeply hurtful,” Fordwich stated. “[It] presented one of the greatest challenges the king faces; to embrace the very son who so bitterly bashed the love of his life.”

The tell-all memoir became a best seller for the Prince but it ruined his relationship with family in the process.

William and Harry are reportedly no longer on speaking terms and didn’t talk during King Charles’ coronation last May.

The King author Christopher Andersen said that Prince William isn’t interested in burying the hatchet with his brother.

“Would it help to welcome Harry and Meghan back into the royal fold, or at least make peace with them? Yes,” Andersen explained. “But the ball is really in the brothers’ respective courts. The king can’t force them to reconcile, and William simply isn’t interested. All the king can do now is focus on his cancer treatment and, when possible, get out there and make himself visible.”

Prince Harry will have to decide if he wants to apologize for his childish behavior or remain estranged from his family.

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