Prince Harry was devastated after this awful decision blew up in his face

Jun 18, 2024

Prince Harry became the black sheep of the British royal family after marrying D-list actress Meghan Markle.

Now all of the couple’s bad decisions are coming to a head. 

And Prince Harry was devastated after this awful decision blew up in his face. 

Prince Harry’s attempt to repair his relationship with his family failing 

Prince Harry began burning bridges with his family after his marriage to struggling actress Meghan Markle.

Markle accused the British Royal Family of being racist and was reportedly awful to the help that was hired for her.

Harry began to air the Royal Family’s dirty laundry with his tell-all memoir, Spare

The couple quit their jobs as working Royals to move to an exclusive enclave outside of Santa Barbara, California.

Now Prince Harry is trying to get back into the good graces of his family after his antics and betrayal.

But his father, King Charles III, and brother, Prince William, aren’t interested in a reconciliation according to author Christopher Andersen.

Andersen wrote the 2022 book, The King, about the life of King Charles.

“The King and the Princess of Wales’s cancer battles have made it easier for both King Charles III and Prince William to put Harry out of their minds,” Andersen said. “They are both shunning him now because they can’t afford not to – they simply can’t handle the distraction.”

William’s wife Kate Middleton and the King are battling undisclosed cancers.

“Charles and Harry aren’t speaking, period,” Andersen continued. “The fallout from Spare has been eclipsed by Kate’s and the king’s cancer battles. King Charles and William hadn’t got the time to worry about whether Harry would take more potshots at them. Harry has already gotten the message that there are consequences for his attacks on the royals; his entire family has turned its back on him.”

This comes on the heels of another report that Harry was warned to keep quiet about his family.

Prince Harry is feeling the heat after speaking out against his family

Prince Harry is facing “consequences” if he discusses the Royal Family publicly according to Royal author Tom Quinn.

“Harry has been asked directly by his father not to write or say publicly anything further about the family or his brother that might cause trouble,” Quinn told the British outlet The Mirror.

“Everyone knows that when a king asks you to do something, there are going to be consequences if you do not obey,” Quinn added.

Harry visited his father after his cancer diagnosis in February, but didn’t meet with him on a trip to the United Kingdom in May.

The Royal Family said that the King’s schedule was too full to take time to meet with his son.

“Harry has tried again and again to make amends with his father, but to no avail,” Andersen stated. “The king and William have really dug in, and the more Harry is rebuffed, the angrier and more frustrated he gets. He must be thinking, ‘Why should I keep quiet if my father and brother are stonewalling me?’”

Prince Harry is learning that there’s a high price to pay after causing his family so much distress.

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