Pro-Abortion advocates are out for blood following the success of Ohio ballot measure

Nov 15, 2023

Many thought that the repeal of Roe v. Wade meant the end of abortion in America.

But pro-abortion advocates proved otherwise with the passage of Issue 1 in the state of Ohio.

Now, pro-abortion advocates are out for blood, and they have their sights set on multiple conservative states.

Abortion is now in the Ohio Constitution

Before Roe v. Wade was overturned in June of 2022, Ohio abortion was prohibited after 22 weeks of pregnancy based on the suggested viability of a baby outside the womb.

This was the case in most states where abortion was regulated under the standards set forth by the 1973 ruling.

Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Ohio enacted a trigger law that was passed in 2019 prohibiting all abortion after six weeks.

That six-week ban was temporarily blocked after a court in the state accepted a case to challenge it in September of 2022.

Now, through a controversial ballot measure known as “Issue 1,” Ohioans voted on November 7th by more than 13 points to add the right to abortion to their constitution.

This was a devastating moment for the Pro-Life movement and one that will have detrimental effects going forward.

And these effects aren’t going to be limited to Ohio.

Activists are pursuing similar measures in multiple states

Abortion activists saw the move by Ohio voters as an opportunity to move forward with similar measures in at least a dozen states.

Issue 1 in Ohio wasn’t the first successful attempt to make abortion a constitutional right. In fact, six other states have already seen similar ballot measures.

California, Michigan, and Vermont added abortion to their constitution in 2022 under ballot measures.

While states like Kentucky and Kansas rejected amendments that would ban abortion outright.

More than a dozen states have state constitutional protections for abortion either through ballot measures or court rulings.

Now, activists are pushing to increase that number as they look forward to the 2024 elections.

Constitutional amendments have already been proposed for the 2024 ballots in Maryland and New York. And Abortion activists have their eyes set on several more.

According to reports from PBS, petitions for referendums on abortion are already out in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, and South Dakota.

Each state has its own rules on the number of signatures required and the deadlines to obtain them.

Pro-Life forces are fighting to add opposite measures

It’s clear that abortion activists are going all in on the effort to bypass state legislatures through ballot measures, and they may see success even in conservative strongholds.
In some instances, Pro-Life groups are attempting to take the offensive move of trying to get similar but opposite ballot measures in place.

This could be a reckless move on their part.

One such example is in Missouri, where the activists are battling for control over the verbiage on the ballot measure.

That could make the difference in how voters view their ballot measures and eventually choose to vote.

Groups like Abolitionists Rising warned that ballot measures were on the way, even in the most conservative states.

These groups have been fighting to change the hearts and minds of the electorate for years.

It might be time for the Pro-Life movement to join them and start telling voters the truth about abortion.

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