Putin’s pick for the President of the US should not be a surprise

Feb 20, 2024

Russian President Putin made his much-anticipated choice for US President known.

Putin declared that a Joe Biden presidency would be more favorable for Russia than a Donald Trump administration, sending shockwaves through the political landscape.

While the liberal media is working overtime to bury this story, will news of Putin’s support for Biden hurt his re-election chances?

What does a Putin push for Biden mean for US Security?

In an exclusive interview with pro-Kremlin journalist Pavel Zarubin, Putin did not mince words, stating that Biden’s experience and predictability make him the preferred candidate for Russia.

“Biden would be better for Russia because he is a more experienced person, he is predictable, he is a politician of an old formation,” Putin disclosed, hinting at a strategic advantage for Russia under a Biden presidency.

Putin’s commentary on US presidential politics is not new.

In the past, he praised Donald Trump as “a bright and talented person,” positioning him as a favorable candidate.

However, Putin’s disdain for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was palpable, with the Russian leader denying Russian interference in the 2016 election and gloating about the hack of the Democratic National Committee.

Since assuming office, President Biden has taken a firm stance against Putin, particularly in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden labeled Putin a war criminal, drawing sharp criticism from the Kremlin.

The tensions between the US and Russia have escalated, raising concerns about the implications for global security.

In his recent interview, Putin expressed regret over not taking “active actions” in Ukraine earlier and accused Western leaders of deceiving Russia about NATO expansion.

Putin’s allegations regarding the Minsk agreements and the handling of the war in Ukraine underscore the complexities of international relations and the challenges of brokering peace.

Despite his candid remarks, Putin expressed disappointment with far-right media figure Tucker Carlson’s interviewing style, indicating that he expected a more confrontational approach.

Putin’s discontent with Carlson’s interview highlights the complexities of media diplomacy and the challenges of navigating international relations in a polarized world.

As Putin’s revelations reverberate across the political landscape, questions arise about America’s security and the implications of geopolitical maneuvering.

With tensions between the US and Russia rising, the need for diplomatic solutions and strategic partnerships becomes increasingly urgent.

As the Biden administration navigates the complexities of US-Russia relations, the stakes could not be higher.

America’s security hangs in the balance, and the decisions made in the corridors of power will shape the future of international relations for years to come.

Will Putin’s guy win the election? And does that mean bad news for America?

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