Riley Gaines isn’t backing down after the cops and university botched their investigation

Feb 29, 2024

Riley Gaines has been one of the most outspoken voices in the country standing up for women’s rights by keeping women’s sports for actual women.

And her fight to save women’s sports from trans activists has painted a huge target on the former collegiate athlete’s back. 

But now Gaines refuses to stay quiet after one police department and university dropped the ball in a major way on this obvious investigation. 

Riley Gaines is trying to save women’s sports

Riley Gaines is the outspoken former collegiate swimmer from the University of Kentucky.

Gaines famously tied William “Lia” Thomas – the male who dominated women’s collegiate swimming last year – in a championship meet, and the NCAA let the man take home the trophy instead of her.

She has dedicated her post-graduate life to fighting for actual women’s rights and keeping biological males out of women’s sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

Gaines has launched a podcast as part of Outkick Sports. 

And she’s teamed up with Turning Point USA to speak to college students around the country.

Radical self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” have invaded those speeches and even turned violent. 

And now it appears some law enforcement is turning a blind eye to the violence aimed at silencing Gaines and her message. 

“Nothing to see here”?

Last spring, during a speaking engagement at San Francisco State University, Gaines was assaulted, barricaded in a room and held hostage. 

It was all caught on camera. 

But yet, according to Gaines, campus police have decided against investigating the violent intimidation tactic. 

“Remember when I was assaulted and held for ransom through the night by a mob of violent protesters at SFSU,” Riley asked via tweet. “The police have finally informed me the case has been suspended as all charges are ‘alleged’ and ‘unfounded.’ I guess audio, video, and eyewitness evidence aren’t admissible in San Francisco.” 

As you can see below, Gaines went on to tweet photographic evidence of her being assaulted – evidence SFSU police are choosing to ignore. 

The campus keystone cops aren’t the only ones from the school that turn a blind eye to assault when it happens to someone whose political views they disagree with. 

Following the assault and hostage taking, university officials actually sent out an email to students commending the radical activists for their violent actions against Gaines. 

The Left’s speech-freezing bully tactics

Gaines’ April 2023 speech to SFSU students was about saving women’s sports from men that are now owning the female record books. 

As you can see in the above video, after the event concluded, woke extremists were lined up waiting to scream at Gaines and silence her voice.

The radical protesters chased Gaines down, assaulted her, and forced her to barricade herself in a classroom for hours – causing her to miss her flight.

The video caught the mob of extreme activists discussing what Gaines would have to do before they would allow her to leave the room. 

They eventually decided, as a show of repentance for believing men should steal opportunities from female athletes, that Gaines should have to pay each of the radical protestors $10. 

Fortunately, it was then security finally arrived and escorted Gaines to safety. 

According to Gaines, the person who twice assaulted her was a biological male living life as a woman.

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