Rolling Stone embarrassed themselves with the latest headline about MAGA fans at America Fest

Dec 26, 2023

Rolling Stone magazine used to be a symbol of the counter-cultural movement in the US for decades and had some journalistic ethics about making sure the facts were correct; if they didn’t like the facts, they would not mention them.

But now it has become a leftist rag that makes up facts to fit a narrative.

They now just attacked MAGA supporters at AmericaFest with a made-up story, which is proved to be untrue when you see the video.

Bannon: Nikki Haley is “ambitious as Lucifer!”

Turning Point USA’s (TPUSA) America Fest (AmFest) is quickly becoming the modern-day Republican National Convention.

As conservatives push back on the establishment agenda, conventions like AmFest are exploding in popularity and ushering in the new populist wing of the Right.

And when new Republican movements hope to create a bigger tent for all Americans—the Leftist media pounces.

That’s exactly what happened this week as Rolling Stone tried to smear attendees at an AmFest speech by political pundit Steve Bannon.

During his remarks, Bannon asked the audience what they thought about Nikki Haley and whether they would accept her as a potential VP candidate for Donald Trump.

The audience booed the idea in unison, to which Bannon responded, “She’s as ambitious as Lucifer! We’re going to have to stop that.”

Then, the audience broke out in a chant, and Rolling Stone conveniently misinterpreted the chant.

Rolling Stone says that MAGA just took a “profane twist.”

A headline printed by Rolling Stone this week read, “MAGA Convention to Nikki Haley: ‘F*ck Her!”

The outlet said that “the vitriol of Bannon’s speech, and the angry crowd reaction, underscores how the MAGA movement now identifies Haley as Trump’s most serious opponent in the COP primary…”

The problem with their logic here is that the audience didn’t actually chant the expletive that they printed.

Instead, they were chanting support for another potential candidate for Vice President—Tucker Carlson.

Before the Rolling Stone article was even published, clips of the crowd chanting “Tucker!” had already gone viral.

It was evident in the context of the speech that they weren’t condemning Haley but voicing their choice of the firebrand journalist to take the spot.

But that didn’t stop Rolling Stone from telling its followers about a “profane twist” in the “MAGA offensive against Donald Trump challenger Nikki Haley” and smearing the “Christian nationalist group.”

Now, TPUSA is pushing back on the outlet for publishing this fake news article.

“So-called prestige media brands have fallen so far…”

Charlie Kirk, founder of TPUSA, took to social media to clear the air and “demand an immediate correction.”

“This is a lie by the smear merchants at Rolling Stone. The crowd chanted TUCKER, not “F-HER” regarding Trump’s possible VP,” he wrote.

Kirk went on to urge Americans to view the video, which “directly contradicts this headline.”

“They knowingly lied,” he said.

Spokesperson Andrew Kolvet said that the outlet’s desperation to “smear conservatives” has led to “journalism so lazy and sloppy, that they apparently don’t even bother to watch the actual video.”

“Pretty pathetic. I’m not so much upset as I am unimpressed. It’s actually really bad for the country that the so-called prestige media brands have fallen so far. Sad!” he added.

Haley is being heavily propped up by the establishment and continues to get support from the Leftist media.

Americans will not be fooled no matter how hard they try to help her out.

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