Roseanne Barr lowered the boom on the harpies of The View with this epic takedown

Jun 7, 2024

Comedian Roseanne Barr doesn’t have to play nice anymore now that she’s left Hollywood.

The gloves are coming off now that she’s free to speak her mind.

And Roseanne Barr lowered the boom on the harpies of The View with this epic takedown.

The harpies of The View went bonkers over Donald Trump’s conviction

ABC’s The View celebrated former President Donald Trump’s conviction in a kangaroo court like they won the Super Bowl.

Co-host Whoopi Golberg chanted “guilty” 34 times to mark Trump being convicted of 34 made-up crimes in Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s scam case.

And co-host Sunny Hostin compared it to the New York Knicks winning the NBA Finals. 

“I felt like the Knicks won the tournament. I felt like America won,” Hostin ranted. “I felt like New York won. I felt like the Manhattan DA’s office won. I felt like I won.”

“I got so excited, I started leaking a little bit,” co-host Joy Behar said to the horror of viewers.

Roseanne Barr demolishes the host of The View

Comedian Roseanne Barr appeared on The Michael Knowles Show where she weighed in on former Trump’s unjust criminal conviction in Manhattan.

“We’re in living history,” Barr said. “It’s quite biblical.”

She said that the Left was trying to destroy the country.

“It’s a terrible miscarriage of justice, what’s happened to President Trump,” Barr continued. “Making a mockery of our judicial system, what they’ve done. And that’s stunning and disappointing to all Americans who love our constitutional republic and our Constitution and everything that hangs on it.”

Barr said that America was the only thing standing in the way of a tyrannical one-world government. 

The former Roseanne star unloaded on the ladies of The View.

“I thought America was about being fair and showing two sides . . . because it is that way in reality,” Barr said. “I felt like on television it was your duty to represent two sides and not like, be The View.”

The View is inexplicably a part of ABC’s news division.

“They’re all communist crusaders,” Barr added.

The former sitcom star laid into Whoopi Goldberg who she called a “cultural appropriator of Judaism” and whose schtick is “Jew-face.”

Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson and has no Jewish ancestry. 

“It’s so despicable and offensive to me and to Jews like me. Especially now,” Barr explained. 

Barr called Joy Behar “an alien” who came to Earth “from another planet.”

She talked about her time on the reboot of her ABC sitcom Roseanne before she was fired from her own show.

Barr said that the left-wing producers fought against her idea of including diversity on the show.

“I wanted to have everybody represented,” Barr recalled. “The first black character on my show, they wanted to name her Juanita Epstein or something. And it was despicable to me, so I said no and that was a big fight. And then in the factory, they would bring in all these black people and they’d make them stand in the back.”

Roseanne Barr can say anything she wants now that she’s left Hollywood behind.

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